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Our next press tasting - would you like to be there?



@Leah I love this Soave producer.
…and to have a magnum for the train :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@JReed, not to jump ahead of my notes tomorrow … BUT… this was :yum: delicious …, citrus lime rind and some floral notes , very balance and extremely easy quaffable drinking with a proper bite on the finish ! PERFECT summer outdoor drinking wine ! Proper well made Soave and whatnit SHOULD taste like :blush:.


Oh you guys! Making me so jealous I couldn’t be there today, I was stuck in the office but very much enjoyed your updates! Will definitely make sure I’m there next time and can’t wait to hear more reports of your top picks from the day! :heart_eyes:


Aww glad @Leah and @woodap had fun :slight_smile: i hope I’m there at the next event to be a community roving reporter!


I had a fab time with you all yesterday. It was great to meet @Leah and @woodap in person, and hang out with so many from the buying team, but also to introduce the community to a number of the trade press present.

In fact a few members of the press (who are also shareholders themselves) are already members of the community. As you can imagine it is hard to participate in all platforms so it is mainly to be able to browse the conversation and many have not posted (yet). I hope a few more will join us in the near future too.

Who knows, maybe we can be the inspiration for some stories one day! :slight_smile:

It was great to taste all these different wines and I am loathe to jump in first (other than my amazement at a particular wine above) with my thoughts, so I will wait to comment once the others have had a chance to put their thoughts forward.

Thanks again @Ewan for another really professional event!


I meant to ask - what glasses are you using here? They look a bit nicer than the iso ones I’m used to seeing at tastings :slight_smile:


It was Zalto when I was there in the autumn


Yes, 67PallMall uses Zalto glassware throughout, I believe. We certainly were using the Zalto Universal glasses for this tasting


cool thanks. are they universal? I’d love to be convinced to swap my vinum range for a single glass. maybe we need a separate thread.


We had one some time ago - not sure if we explored the ‘universality’ question though:


Did I just completely miss these? No pressure though…


Thanks for this… I will make sure to have the Chablis and Rapsani for starters… Would you say the Chablis is ready (asks he who just drank a 2015 Meursault)?


Apologies… been a hectic weekend


Part 1 of Leah’s notes can now be found here: