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Overenthusiastic buying; problem or blessing?


I am now topping 350 having had less than 100 3 years ago so have to slow down - a serious risk of buying more than I can drink. Buying is now very selective - 1 - 2 cases of Rhône EP depending on the quality of the vintage in north and south; a little red burgundy EP, decent Bourgogne rather than anything fancy; dry Riesling; Etna; and then a few odds and ends, particularly South African new wave stuff and good Sauternes/barsac which does pop up cheap occasionally. I am also trying to buy more halves as they are easier to drink in moderation in midweek.

A similar thread on winebeserkers led to several disclosures of 2000+ bottle collections including a lot of people subscribed to multiple producer wine clubs - the mind boggles - I feel irresponsible to have what I have tucked away but I just don’t understand how I would ever get through enough to justify that level of reserves


I’m on that very same page…! Not in debt with my little vice, but pleased I can look forward to some very nice wines over the next 8-10 years.

Guilty as charged and very happy to have contributed to your improved health status! I have recently had a health check and apart from owning up to a weekly 21-28 unit alcohol intake, the blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol are all correct and where they need to be - I put some of this down to my wine consumption.

I totally agree with this, as someone whose partner drinks Blush Zinfandel (only). My suggestion (difficult if you are a sociopath) is to find a small group of wine enthusiasts to share those bottles with or just learn to enjoy a good bottle - and share it with this forum?

One always has to have ‘Special Reserves’, don’t you think?! :wink:


I joined the wine society sometime in second half of 2017, and joined the community shortly after. At the time I had a single wine fridge and about 50-75 bottles of wine at home. I now have a second wine fridge and CellarTracker tells me I have 122 bottles at home with a further 367 either currently in storage or ordered EP and awaiting delivery to storage.

When I started ‘collecting’ the focus was certainly on Bordeaux, and whilst the core of the collection is classic French (Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône) this is being supplemented with some north American, South African and Italian (primarily Tuscany and Barolo). The focus remains on wines to lay down with the goal of having a relatively broad collection that will allow me to dip in and pick out a nice bottle for any occasion from some point in the mid to late 2020s. As EP purchases have been a major focus, I have recently turned to trying to bolster the number of older vintages, especially of Burgundy and Rhône in order to provide some nearer term drinking - and both the community and the society as a whole have been a great help here!

As others have mentioned, I have steadily been willing to spend more on certain bottles, and could probably point to certain ‘gateway’ bottles that pushed me over a particular price point for the first time! Also, like others I seem to be able to justify to myself spending more per case EP than I tend to on wines for delivery.

I can’t say that the rapid growth of the collection is due entirely to the community, although it has certainly pointed me at new discoveries, and supported the ‘habit’ if you will!


I think I’m about a year behind you, but otherwise very similar in approach.

I have 95 bottles of German Riesling (wonderful value at all levels), which you don’t mention, which helped build the cellar.

My real addiction is Burgundy (153 bottles). I’d so love to be able to afford more good bottles - think I have three I paid (just) over £100 for (including a 2017 Leflaive from this year’s TWS EP) and about 30 I paid over £50 for… haven’t gone into debt, but haven’t saved anything this year either!


I don’t think buying wine is a problem unless you can’t afford it or are buying wine you won’t drink. If I had more disposable income I’d probably buy more En Primeur (luckily I bought some 2005 Bordeaux back in the day - Chasse Spleen and Cissac are still drinking well and seem such a bargain now).
I buy most of my wine from W/S and the first place I look is the bin-end list, which encourages me to try wines I would otherwise overlook - I’m lucky in that there is very little well made wine which I don’t enjoy to some extent.

At the moment I buy 70% from W/S, 20% Local wine merchants and 10% supermarkets.

A friend of mine works as a carer for very elderly and wealthy people, many of whom have cellars of wine much of which is well past being drinkable. He has actually found the odd gem and encouraged his client to enjoy it whilst they still could.


Snap! I’d say exactly the same for me. Seems virtually impossible to beat TWS on value, and I’ve discovered so many new styles/regions I would have otherwise missed. Having said that, I love nipping into local shops (and there are some excellent ones in Brighton, Hove and Lewes, which I frequent), and sniff around for something interesting, not to mention bore the staff to death with what my daughter calls my ‘unbounded enthusiasm’.

Some supermarkets upped their game too, so nice top check what’s going there from time to time. Some seem good at sniffing the zeitgeist, for sure.


It’s interesting I’m not that keen on popping into wine shops as most of the producers are unfamiliar to me. I have become familiar with the producers that TWS sells and, when looking at one I’m not familiar with, TWS and the web in general have far more information available for me to research that the typical wine shop. Yes I could ask for help from an assistant but my research when shopping for new stuff can take a couple of hours easily.

When I’m in France looking for unfamiliar wine to buy I spend ages googling for information on my phone before anything goes into the trolley.

So I much prefer to do that research online from the comfort of my home. And following on from that, having bought online now from TWS, Majestic, L & W and Gerard Seel, I have to say that I much prefer TWS’s general info to any of the others (info on region, grape, producer etc.) though I do still feel they could much improve the information on each wine. They are better there than some but not as good as many others who will have information on the climate of that vintage and ALL the grapes and proportions in the blend.


I daren’t look at the number of bottles purchased this year. But consumption according to cellartracker is 117, or one bottle every 2.3 days. That doesn’t include restaurant/bar or holiday purchases though…


That’s my approach too! I usually look on the sites of my favourite wine merchants, and if certain wines catch my attention, I then pop in to have a bit of a chat about them. So I’m already ‘armed’ with info - but it’s still nice to chat to the sellers (which in some of the cases are also the owners). Often I end up with interesting details about why that specific wine was chosen, and what makes it stand out.

I am rubbish at small talk, but I can chat about wine all day! :smile:


Quote of the day… I would add ‘or consumed’.


my percentages similar but local wine merchants replaced by other on line merchants. A real lack of local wine merchants in the Sevenoaks area. I work, occasionally, in Oxted, Surrey and they have a branch of Secret Cellar, but my contact there moved on and at that point so did I. they tend to be rather pricey.
Majestic will still occasionally get a visit. They had a Craggy Range Te Kahu 2013 recently at a silly price (less my Lay & wheeler discount, i guess thats finished now ?) and also the Te Muna Road Pinot at a lower price than TWS.

on line I use L&W (good for odd bottles of older vintages from their broking list), BBR, and Vin Cognito.

like @Herbster i like to try anything i don’t know, whilst still drinking what I know and like. so buying more than i drink still, and this community is no help at alll!!!
another delivery arriving tomorrow


Curiosity got the better of me and so far I have ordered 97 different wines in 2019, not including recent EP requests.

Not adding up how many bottles that is though.


Probably 70% from EU merchants (mostly in Spain), 20% TWS and 10% other UK merchants. Haven’t bought a wine from a supermarket for five years or so - I don’t buy sub £10 wine, so simply nothing of interest to me!


downloading the csv file of My Reserves shows i have 456 bottles there.
something over 600 in the cellar. usual household drinking rate 4 bottles per week. 264 weeks of supply. And (much easier to see totals) 297 bottles at L&W, although some of these will be sold on via their broking list.

Emails received today from L&W ‘great Tignanello’, Vin Cognito Piedrassi Syrah, big red wine co and BBR 100 pt VCC (i can forget this, way beyond my pay grade). I think I need to STOP buying.

Or start selling, actually 2 cases off to Bacchus auctions this week. Apparently they offer TWS members a reduced commission rate.


Wow! I have to say, these numbers flabbergast me!

I look at my tiny - just under 100 bottles in the whole world ‘collection’- and regularly get into fits of panic that I will die before I drink them all. I don’t know how you people do it! Hats off… :+1::+1:


I have approx ten years of drinking at 4/week. It’s been that was for about the last five years…


Now I feel bad




Including undelivered EP I have 296 bottles (actually that’s really 295 @Inbar :wink: ). So that’s around 4 years worth for my rate of drinking.


He he, there’s an awful lot of soul and cellar baring going on here. Quite cathartic really! :joy::rofl:


Optimism, @Inbar, we need optimism! :sunglasses:

Hmmm. Confessions, eh? Let’s check the garage. Okay:

  • 138 at home
  • 207 in reserves
  • 37 en primeur pending

It’ll still be a few years yet before a lot of these reserves hit their drinking window. So whilst my buying has accelerated over the last couple of years, it should hopefully be hitting its terminal velocity over the next couple :crossed_fingers: