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Overenthusiastic buying; problem or blessing?


At a guess I would say I have 350-400 the vast majority of which are not ready to drink


Yes I’m sort of hoping mine will too. Well actually it has to I only have enough cabinet capacity for just so much! And nowhere for more cabinets!


I always struggle with the concept of ‘ready to drink‘. Does it mean that the wine is just beginning to be approachable? Or is it just getting to the point of showing at its best? I similarly struggle with ‘best before’, does that mean it’s on the slide from optimum or that it is really not showing well at all? I have quite a few wines still in member’s reserves which are beyond their best before dates but I’m not concerned as my concept of best before is a little different from those estimating them.


Well to be honest there is a good chunk of them that haven’t been bottled yet so they are not ready to drink whatever way you look at it.


I’ve never quite figured the answer to those questions but then it’s such a qualitative and subjective measure that I’m not sure you can pin it down that finely. I’ve seen graphs purporting to show the quality of the wine over a period of time and I tend to roll my eyes a little. I just don’t see that as being something that can be reasonably graphed. The WS drink dates always seem a little early in and early out compared to other online sources. But then most French drinkers would say we Brits keep our wine far too long.


Probably much more carefully selected than some of mine @Inbar. My cellar still clogged with Oz Shiraz bought in my ill informed earlier (pre Wine Society) life. Ah well, Winter approaches, time to release some high alcohol reds.


Last week I attended a La Rioja tasting. During the tasting we had a mini vertical of Ardanza, tasting vintages 2001, 2009 and 2010. I believe on the continent they would be drinking the 2009 now (I confirmed this with the La Rioja representative) so in which case they would have thought the 2001 was too old. However the 2001 was for me easily the best of the 3 to drink today.

As an aside the 2010 was very good and could definitely be drunk now. I bought a case but I wont be opening for another 5 years at least. So I guess it is horses for courses, bear in mind though that the 2010 is already 9 years old before it was released so the Spanish view that as the minimum ageing time for this wine.

I don’t really know what the point of this is other than to illustrate I like mature wine.


I’m with you there! I have some of the 2009 Ardanza and I’m not really planning to open the first until at least 2022 probably 2024 more likely.

On the other hand different Riojas might be ready at very different times and the producers often seem to have quite firm views on this. So, for example, Muga Rioja Reserva 2015 is available now but I don’t see me opening any of them until 2024 at the earliest.


Ah yes! I’m a pessimist who never loses hope :wink:

I’m probably in a minority of one on this forum, but that’s how I feel sometimes. I want to drink the damn thing, as much as I love cuddling it and making sure it’s safely stored… Therefore most of the wines I do ‘age’ - that’s really not the right definition in my case - are ones that are most likely already ready for drinking and might benefit from just 2-5 years more of ageing.

But as I often say, I am an infant to this strange hobby, and it’s a hell of a learning curve…


Great way of trying to make an understatement! So that is some 2000 bottles if I calculate this correctly. Actually the same number I am aiming for, but I am only half-way. I will keep buying EP, mainly from TWS but also from the local merchant. I have also been buying regularly at auctions, for some more mature wines ready for drinking.


I have to start on a stock reduction strategy and was hoping to have started already but then I discovered South African white wines. I have started to give up allocations and where possible talk to merchants about swapping wines with fewer but better wines.

It’s the ‘oh lord make me free from sin, but not yet’ problem :grin:


Cellartracker says… I have that many bottles of 2016 Burgundy, god only knows why (but that is fine as 30% is labelled investment and the rest drinks between 2025 and 2040, which makes it 4(ish) bottles a year… not that bad


I have clearly picked the wrong hobby…! :thinking:


Based on the enthusiasm of your posts in the weekend/weekly drinking threads, I rather think not!


Ha ha! :smile: :+1:
I’m enthusiastic about drinking my wine, that’s for sure!



if I do…its going to be one hell of a party at my funeral !


Rough estimate as I need to really start engaging cellartracker and using it… but around 600 here and around 400plus offsite, mainly TWS and L&W …. I firmly believe in preparing for the future and I know fine well wines I have purchased in the past few years will hike in price to be unaffordable in the future .


The next time my wife complains I have too much wine, I’m going to direct her to this forum😂

I’m not worthy compared to some of you and your collections !


you mustn’t do that - wives talk…even if they don’t know each other…they will know what we actually have !