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Overenthusiastic buying; problem or blessing?


I thought it was just whisky that you collected? Mind you, you have a lot of wine drinking years ahead of you!


I actually found that once I started using CellarTracker it made me buy even more, as it sort of ‘gamified’ getting more tasting notes and more high-scoring bottles… sad to say that I love it!


I ‘don’t get’ the whole Gin thing either!


It is amazing how quickly a cellar (whatever that means to you - passive/wine fridge/few bottles squirelled away/bonded warehouses) grows. Virtually everyone I know who is into wine on the level of this community buys more than they consume. Particularly in the early stages of going to wine tastings, trying lots of styles/countries, it’s easy to get carried away. In the early 2000s I used to buy from Majestic mainly and so you needed to buy at least 2 x bottles to get multi-buy prices. I got into the habit of always buying 2 or 3 bottles of a certain wine so that if I liked the first one I had another to enjoy. Of course, that works the other way of having to drink a second bottle of disappointing wine but that was rare.

I haven’t bought too much ep, however my buying took off when starting to go to offlines with folk who had been buying wine for years. Combined with joining TWS, I started to identify my real preferences and sometimes a wine was only available by the 6 pack. The great part of being part of a regular tasting group is that if someone spots a good deal by the case they can message others and if there is interest split the case. But this means I get regular whats app messages offering wines that are to hard to turn down!

I’m not too concerned about my c200 bottle stash as they are all wines I really like, generally carefully chosen, and either approaching maturity or on a long plateau before decline. It helps that my real love is traditional Rioja which last forever. I do enjoy contemplating when to open certain bottles, and whilst not really a bottle stroker, I open the door of the wine fridge most days and take a peek inside!

What is hard is to just take out a decent bottles and enjoy it for what it is. It is all too easy to defer a decision to broach a bottles as it’s too good/doesn’t suit the food tonight etc. So I often end up opening a daily drinker rather than the good stuff - so the collection continues to grow. And then I read a post about new releases of Ardanza, Tondonia, online auction, M&S deals, 6+ 25% off and it’s always hard to turn down a good or great deal. Harder to say “No, i don’t need it right now”.


:laughing: If not technically a bottle stroker yet, I think it won’t be long before you stop looking and start touching!


This got me counting - 114 different wines ordered from TWS this year (though including recent EP). Disbelief countered by anticipation / salivation :wine_glass:


Whisk(e)y. I used to buy ‘a very few’ bottles a year, and it has to be said, greatly enjoyed the experience - especially independant bottler/ single cask malts. Over the last 3 years the average price for an 18 y/o (Tobermory for instance) has increased by 50% - which is no longer something I can justify. So overenthusiastic buying has ceased to be a problem!


Great thread !

I was in control until joining TWS in 2009. After receiving my first two or three orders, and being really impressed with the wines, for the first time in my drinking lifetime, I actually began to trust what the buyers had to say about the virtues of the wines on offer. Prior to that I had been sold so many disappointing, often expensive, duds that I rarely trusted anyone’s opinion but my own. That’s when things started to spiral a bit.

Burgundy and the Northern Rhone were back on the menu and I bought enthusiastically, mostly EP which I hadn’t done before. I then needed somewhere to store the wines so I opened a reserves account. Which made me think seriously about my future drinking needs and what other wines I should buy to fulfil them. Needless to say, this led to another spree of buying in the areas that interest me the most. And so it goes on…

From having a stash of around 100 bottles at home before joining TWS, it’s now more like 400. The cupboard where I store most of it now looks like Winehenge. There is also a newly created overspill area to cope with some recent over enthusiastic buying sprees. On top of that there’s the same quantity again stored in reserves.

When i was working this wasn’t such an issue. However, having stopped working I really do need to get a grip. However, every time a new offer is released I seem to convince myself ‘oh go on, just one more time’.

Which, even to me, sounds addictive so there is a bit of a problem there. As @szaki1974 said, going cold turkey isn’t an option but I do need to reduce my buying considerably. Thankfully, for the reason @GannetKeith mentioned, that expensive bottles aren’t broached as often as they could be, I’ve managed to build up a good stock of ‘fine’ wine. The plan now is to buy only for my everyday needs, er, with one £20+ bottle allowed per case. We’ll see how it goes, I just need to keep telling myself there’s only so much wine one person can drink.

And of course, I don’t know what the future holds for me personally but buying wine for consumption ten years hence, if I’m realistic, is becoming more and more like placing a bet on one’s future health too. I’ve never been a betting man so for that reason alone I need to sort my habits out.

To conclude, both a problem, albeit one I hope to resolve, and a blessing too. I really do count myself lucky to have had the good fortune to be able to carry on like this and to have tried so many memorable wines because of it !


I’m finding it is quite useful to start from the proviso that I don’t need more wine. That way, rather than pouncing on new wines in a frenzy of acquisitional glee I ask myself what’s wrong with it, and look for reason(s) why I don’t want it.

Once upon a time I’d have leapt upon the new Hatzidakis, for example. Now I’m asking myself “have they changed the style?”, “is it worth the price increase?”, “do I really need even more of those £20 plus wines that I don’t drink that often?”, etc.

Of course there are always must-buys, but this at least seems to be reducing buying a bit. I kinda think it’s a bit like drinking itself - certainly wouldn’t want to stop doing it, but it’s always good to do it a bit less :slight_smile:


A very useful discipline. Like building a portfolio. Always ask why it’s there, or should be there, and what will have to give way to allow it to be there…


We drink 2 bottles a week and i buy it all from the WS . I have a stock of 12 -15 bottles bottles when i get down to 8 bottles i order some more. I pay usually £ 8 to £15. At my last order I purchase 10 bottles including a £38 bottle of port and some cheap bottles of red from Portugal. That kept the bill price down . I usually spend £120.00 .


That’s what I need to do - bring the average spend per bottle back down.


The bottles we want to buy are not the same as the bottles we want to drink :slight_smile:


its what I have told my wife ive done :wink:


You think she believes you :sunglasses:


Just buy one case of cheap wine, and you automatically lower the average spend per bottle, while simultaneously having more to drink. It’s like magic.

I should be in charge of the economy.


You should!


You certainly can teach the current lot a thing or two!


And I suspect the other lot too!


blind eye to price when she enjoys it…well yellow tail is on 2 for £8 at the moment :wink: