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Piedmont Masterclass 10 September


These bottles are from when i started buying, round about 2003/4. In those days I could actually afford this stuff - these wines are completely out of my league now, sadly!


It’s scary. We were discussing exactly that before going. The value I can appreciate from a bottle of £50 (and upwards) Barolo doesn’t make it a realistic prospect to buy. My palate isn’t refined enough to appreciate it and my bank account isn’t bulging enough to afford it.

Having said that, it’s what’s make events like the tasting on Tuesday such a treat. The commentary and guidance from Sebastian were perfectly pitched and not a duff note amongst all the wines


Only going to get a whole lot worse after the Brexit disaster :cry: Fortunately there are still plenty of less heralded areas to fill the increasingly yawning gaps!


"and my bank account isn’t bulging enough to afford it."

To say nothing of suffering the wrath of the ‘powers that be’ if you bought a (half) case of wine for £460… (i speak purely for myself, naturally).