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POSTPONED #TWSTaste virtual tasting: first taste of two new Exhibition wines!



My order is also for April… expecting it to be cancelled soon.


Same here. The message did say people ‘affected’ will be contacted within 48 hours, so I consider myself ‘affected’.
Man, I’m beginning to feel weary of the terminology associated with this situation :weary:


Me too, they’re not in the rack yet, strongly suspect they won’t be before the date of this tasting


Same here. Not sure when the delivery was due but I guess it isn’t due anymore​:cry: My wine hoarding tendency over the past few years is about to pay us back with some excellent wines over the next few months. If anyone took a look in our pantry where we keep our wine, the accusations of panic buying would fly. The only thing that saves us is the quality of the wine thanks to our French and Spanish holidays and TWS! :slightly_smiling_face:


OH no you have stopped delivery! The virtual wine tasting will be with virtual wine as well!! Order supposed to arrive tomorrow. :tired_face:


Hi everyone,
I’m so sorry about this! Of course, it’s not ideal, and things have moved very quickly in the last few days.

It looks like most of you who wanted to take part won’t be able to now (and neither will I - I didn’t get the wines in time either… :cry: ) so I think it’d be best to postpone this event until the situation improves.

It’ll be something nice to look forward to!

I’ll just tag everyone who’s shown an interest in attending this to make sure you know it’s postponed:
@StuartJ78 @HBlackburn @Brocklehurstj @NickFoster @Bargainbob @GWills @Leah @Jithotw @mbetteridge @SteveT @ramblingwine @DocMartin @Namenlos @Vinumvincitomnia @guyvz @_haka @MarkT @Scrop @KeynshamWine @VinoVeritas @Croquetchris @philip_currie @Embee @danchaq @NeilS @Lewis @ApresAtMerlins @Alex243 @Lloydy

Apologies again, everyone - this isn’t what we wanted to happen.
In the mean time, there will be some brilliant virtual events based on any wines we have at home already - including a Rioja virtual tasting this Thursday:


It could be worse - you could have been ‘impacted’.


Or much worse - infected! :scream:


as opposed to affected, that may take longer than 48 hours to realise


Indeed! I’ve been measuring out my life in 5-day-units at the moment :sneezing_face: