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Pot Roast Chicken with White Wine and Cream Recipe



By sheer coincidence we are making ‘Spatzle mit speck’ this evening…! :heart_eyes:
It’s definitely a bit of a faff to make, but using a potato ricer, rather than the old spatzle board and cutter, can make it a little easier.


Mrs A is gluten free so will stick to potato products I think :confused:


Clearly not spaetzles then. You obviously need to leave out the flour, too. It’s still fine - might need a bit more reduction to get the consistency.


She can cope with a little bit of flour in gravy, although I also have potato flour, which we often use when making Chinese sauces and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.


You could also try a variation of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP9Xg92ckI4


A dish like this deserves roast potatoes cooked in goose fat :yum:.


I do a variation on this which is very lazy:

  1. Pop the bird, breast side down in a large Le Creuset with half an onion, half a lemon and two bay leaves inside.
  2. Set oven on timer for 1:15 at ~140C
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Once the oven automatically turns off leave it all in there and get prepping roasties etc
  5. Just before the roasties are done, take out of the oven - marvel at how much roasting juice is there for gravy making, and start getting ready to serve.

I love this method because it is very lazy and also always results in a supremely moist roast. The extra-long resting time upside-down results in saturated breast meat and is totally rush-free.


I do have some goose fat in the fridge! Will ask our the other diners what they fancy


And lovely it was too…(though couldn’t finish it all!!)


It is done! And very tasty it was too, especially the sauce, which I finished off with a soup spoon.

My twists:

  • started by frying cubed unsmoked pancetta
  • but used dried rather than fresh mushrooms (I don’t much care for normal English mushrooms)
  • couldn’t get morels at Ocado, so used an entire 30g jar of dried porcini. Delicious!
  • used whole shallots because my wife also avoids alliums (she did eat one though)
  • had quite a small chicken so was in the oven about 55 minutes. I think the legs could’ve done with a little longer, but the breast was perfect
  • served with mash, steamed asparagus and mange tout, and braised sprout tops

Wine-wise, I tried the Riesling used for the cooking (a £9 Trocken from Ocado) but it was far too fruity to work with the food, although surprisingly decent, so moved onto the two wines I’d anticipated pairing:

2017 Domaine Bruno Sorg Pinot Blanc - France, Alsace (11/23/2019)
Very fragrant, with elderflower, blossom and ripe peaches. Palate doesn’t quite proceed as the nose sugggests, with a soft creamy feel and a certain viscosity that reminds me a bit of Condrieu. There are savoury hints too, and a saline finish. Well made and tasty. (89 pts.)

2014 Domaine du Chateau de Meursault Meursault Clos des Grands Charrons - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Meursault (11/23/2019)
Smoke and something aromatic on the nose, like a fading spray of musky cologne. Palate starts creamy, has a nice amount of acidity and is quite spicy from oak, but in a balanced way. Long finish. (90 pts.)

The Burgundy was the better match - the hints of oak really worked with the sauce, whilst the fruit in the Pinot Blanc didn’t quite work. Both good though.

The Meursault is from TWS and I just withdrew it from reserves (I have another bottle in the same mixed case). I would consider buying more from this producer (2015 currently on offer) although the PB is clearly the value buy at £16 rather than £47!


Bravo! Looks delicious. Always a good sign when you’re finishing the sauce with a spoon! I think your Meursault sounds like a great match.

Glad it went well for you.

Edit. It looks from the picture like you left the legs tied up, which may have been what slowed down their cooking a bit. I normally untie them.


Good tip with the legs!


I’m definitely going to have to try this.


Yes you are. Though I suggest its the sort of dish that should be shares with friends…


Shame we’re tasting red on Thursday evening then…


Can I ask roughly what size bird? And I assume a separate oven for the spuds etc?


Yes separate ovens.

My butcher has good fat birds so I’d say on the larger size. You need a nice big pot though. I have the 28cm le creuset round pot.