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Press tasting alert! It could be you!


Yes please, I’d love to go!


yes please add me to the list of wannabes


I’d be delighted to be put in the hat!


I’m free! Would love to be included


It’s a ‘Yes please’ from me too


I’d be prepared to endure the hardship. Put me in the hat, please.


Yes please! Count me in


Sounds fun - yes please


Yes please :grin::wine_glass::ok_hand:


would love to be considered !

  • Check you’re free on Thursday 28th March - check! (same day as FMV spring tasting)
  • Be able to make your own way to 67 Pall Mall, London on that day - I’m allowed out by myself now :slight_smile:
  • Be available for a good portion of time during the opening hours of the tasting (10am to 3:30pm) - available for as long as required :slight_smile:
  • Be willing to write up your thoughts about the wines tasted and share them with the Community. - can just about string a sentence together…


So who won ???


Results to be announced in a very wee while. Lots of willing volunteers this time!


And so the time has come! The lucky winners this time are:





Congratulations to you three (I’ll DM you later this week with details) and commiserations to the other 38 who entered the draw.



I’ll send a bigger check next time :grin:


Well, at least I can look forward to some highly professional and in depth tasting notes.


Congrats guys!


Bwaaaaahhh :sob:


Congratulations everyone! I’ll be feeling sorry for you all day :joy:!

On a serious note, it is great fun and the chance to taste some fantastic wines so go forth and enjoy :wink:


Oh, splendid news! Thank you. Any tips from previous attendees most welcome in terms of getting the most out of the day and sharing back to the TWS community -


My first piece of advice is - there will be far less spitting than you imagine/plan, so don’t come on an empty stomach…:wink: