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Press tasting alert! It could be you!


I do fear that if I ever got to go to one of these events, I’d just get hammered by accident… :thinking:


Ha, ha.

Expert level, that’s me. Expect plenty of this


Great news, I am so thrilled - thanks to the sorting hat for picking my name. Better get practicing.


Wow! I can’t stop smiling! Thank you.

I’ve read some of the reports of previous tastings, and I know how high other members have set the bar, but I promise to do my very best!


@Rifka, Have a look through some of the previous feedback from the other tastings and that should give you an idea what you are in for.
I pretty much spat everything on the day but most people don’t so do whatever you feel suits you best but bear in mind there will most likely be upwards of 65 plus wines to taste.
Ps: This was feedback from @szaki1974 when he attended a press tasting.


Thanks, Leah! I’ll have a look.


Yeah, I mostly spat everything as well but still managed to come out with a gentle booze-buzz. Definitely take advantage of the breadsticks and charcuterie when it makes an appearance around lunch time!


The lunch was very welcome, but also consider a quick walk around St James’s park between the whites and the reds!


I certainly intend to spit everything. I can’t see how you’d survive if not! A break between whites and reds does seem like a good idea too, @SPmember, if only to reset the palate.


Please strike me from the draw. I now can´t make it on the day. Whoever goes, have a great time.


Here are our intrepid trio @robertd, @JayKay and @Rifka with an extremely necessary schluck of The Society’s Champagne to kick off today’s proceedings.


Ooooh!! Have a fantastic day, all!! Let us know your favourites, because wishists won’t expand by themselves… :+1::+1::grinning:


Have a great day guys :+1::+1:


You three are in for quite a day - enjoy!!


Have a wonderful time!! Can’t wait to hear your report when you get back! :smiley:


Living it up with Olly Smith, Matthew Jukes, Charles Metcalfe, Richard Hemming and others including our own Pierre Mansour and Tim Sykes.


We had great day. 66 wines meant pretty much solid tasting from 10.30 to 3.30. So good to meet @Ewan, and talk to the buyers, too. Some great wines. We will be preparing full reports in due course - but watch out for some great aged Albariño from 1st April…


Brilliant day and company -
@JayKay for her absolutely cracking descriptors, @robertd for precision of thought regarding the wines and
@Ewan and the TWS team for each taking the time to make us feel so very welcome. Looking forward to sharing our notes -


I couldn’t have wished for better companions than @Rifka and @JayKay. A pleasure to have tasted together.


Fabulous day, a real privilege. @robertd and @Rifka were excellent tasting companions and @Ewan very welcoming . And we got to meet the new TWS CEO Steve Finlan who came over to have a chat with us - classy. We’ll be writing up the wish list notes we promise. And did we mention Albariño will feature? Oh yes :yum::yum: