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Protecting wine in a heat wave


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I often have bottles of white wine & champagne in the fridge for weeks even months and it is never a problem, so I wouldn’t worry about storing reds for a few weeks.
One thing is that if ice crystals form in wine it really destroys a red wine, so best keep them in the salad tray at the bottom, nowhere near the ice box.
An important point nobody has mentioned is the hot weather makes the wines to hot to drink at ambient. My suggestion would be to keep reds in the fridge and take them out a couple of hours before drinking.
I have a friend who is a qualified sommelier who in summer (SW France we usually have 30+C) he always serves red Burgundy from the fridge, his theory being that after a few minutes in the glass it is at the right temperature to drink.


This came up in an older thread, I have done it with little or no effect, not that I would risk anything worthwhile but for average supermarket wines no real problem even a week later when thawed.


I had an incident where all of my wine stock got very cold during a house move (to Switerland, in January - dur!). Some bottles froze so much that the corks pushed out, the others clearly all got some ice forming.
The white wines, including some delicate burgundies didn’t seem to suffer at all. The reds, especially unfortunately the better clarets seemed to lose all of their aroma and complexity of taste, ending up like a house red. It was quite consistent across a number of bottles.
This may be an extreme example but clearly it isn’t good and it is having a real chemical effect.
It was only good for cooking or impressing non wine loving barbecue hosts with impressively labelled plonk!


I wonder why there was that distinct difference between white and red wines, there must be reason does anyone know enough to explain.
My own freezing was for unfinished bottles so no corks pushing out as the wine was vacuvined before going in the freezer.


My guess is that it is something to do with the longer molecules, tannins & the like. I am not a chemist though.
Reminds me of another funny incident:
During a party I stuck an extra bottle of Champagne in the freezer for a 45 minute “fast chill”. I forgot about it and several hours later there was a loud pop, and it had frozen pushed the cork out and filled the freezer with ice slurry. Rather than waste it I thought I would try it as a posh “Champagne Sorbet”.
Do not try this at home. It was absolutely disgusting!


Some years ago we celebrated New Year in Banff, Canada. We put our champagne in buckets of water on the balcony of our room to chill as it was about -25C, and one got forgotten. Next morning the whole thing was a solid block of ice. We brought it inside, covered it with a towel for the day and in the evening we returned to a perfectly chilled bottle of wine with no accidents. I think we were very lucky!


OK, the Musar is now in the bottom of fridge. It’s an old and tired fridge without a freezer compartment, so I think it’s safe from freezing until winter. I should drink it by then.

I did a lot of deliberate experimenting when I got into wine – I’m an engineer, I can’t help it. l have tried deliberately freezing red wine, and it wasn’t terrible but I thought it degraded.

I prefer to open the bottle, pour what I want now, and immediately vac-vin it and put it in the fridge. Next day I’ll pour some more in time to warm up, vacu-vin the bottle, and back in the fridge with it. Repeat until drunk (the wine). I’m pretty happy with red up to 3 days this way. Whites just don’t keep so well, though – I’m currently checking out a platypus wine preserver (which is like vacu-vin taken to its logical conclusion), to see if that does any better.

If you wanted to keep opened wine for weeks or months for some reason, I figure freezing would be the best option that doesn’t involve inert gases. I froze some wine for cooking in ice cube bags and used it a few cubes at a time, which worked fine.


I’ve got a wine room that fluctuates with the seasons. It got down to 2c for a short while during the beast and is currently sitting at 19c.
Temperature swings are very gradual but I do tend to check it pretty regularly. Would prefer it to be sitting in the 12-15c bracket though
This article may put a few people at ease


Mine now reports a hearty 25 degrees…ugh :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Should be ok I reckon. Think we would get those temps in Australia in the summer in our cellar without any hassles


Fingers crossed! This is definitely the highest it’s been since we moved in four years ago, but no big daily fluctuations. Nice link, by the way! Slowly reading through it in between everything else this eve :+1:


Was reading the Wirecutter’s recommended small wine fridges guide (https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wine-fridges/), and they share this as a guideline. It’s concerning as it suggests that allowing wine to reach temperatures above 24 degrees celsius for more than a week or two puts it at risk for substantial damage.


I have just found 3 bottles of Mosel Auslese open in my garage… some kind if of secondary fermentation I guess. Devastating… a wine fridge is in order (or should be)… all other wines intact and okay temperature, too, I think. :frowning:


Oh no! Time to drink them.

Has anyone had any experience with smaller wine fridges? A lot of the sub-40 bottle fridges use a thermoelectric cooler rather than a compressor. I’m quite space constrained so was looking at something like this:

Or just scouring gumtree/ebay for something that would fit the bill (and the space).


We’ve got this very fridge in the spare room, which is used as a study (so very little traffic) and is relatively cool. We love it! Being thermoelectric, it’s quiet and it’s the perfect size for our needs. The temperature is accurate (having checked it a couple times). They do a 21 bottle fridge too. I heartily recommend! :+1:
Ps - perfect if your space is limited!


I inadvertently retested the wine freezing topic when I left a bottle of cheap Sainsbury’s* Sauvignon Blanc in the freezer overnight. Once rethawed it tasted exactly the same, albeit fairly ordinary as the day before.
*Apologies Wine Society but your click and collect service was offline!