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REBELPI Icewine- Jackie Fast


Rivesaltes ambre. Massively underappreciated; there are some wonderful old vintages around but sadly most sit with Farr who have a £500 minimum spend.


This - plus the fact that you are asking somebody to go out at around 5am in the depths of a winter freeze, to snip off a meagre number of bunches of withered grapes scattered all over the vineyard. Not a wildly popular task I imagine.


very interesting article by the lady herself - Rebel Pi - social media

had the ‘pleasure’ to be introduced to her at a recent event - I thing she is looking at more drinks related businesses…how do you make a small fortune from the drinks industry ? - start with a large one ! :joy:


To me this article is really all over the place. It looks like she is trying to tell people how to be an “influencer” and how to “buy” followers. there are many “influencers” in the wine industry. Some who wholeheartedly deserve the title and then there are others who are clearly being paid handsomely for promoting products.
This week, I saw an insta post from a wine influencer in a G-string bikini offering 10% off the particular swimsuit . She was also holding a bottle of Fitz sparkling wine in her hand. (the first Charmant method English sparkler apparently), she was later picked up in the Fitzwine landrover discovery . I’m sure many of you will know who I am talking about. :see_no_evil:


The whole thing seems all over the place - read this article which is linked to at the bottom. It reads like she has no idea about the market that would spend THAT MUCH money on a half-bottle of wine. It’s really not a radical idea to make a less sweet wine. You don’t go from being " someone who doesn’t just order a bottle of Malbec or whatever the latest wine review says" to being someone who spends £129 in one jump. Ice wine may arguably be “easier to grasp for the everyday consumer”, but premium wines sell for premium prices not only because of quality, but because they have a story to tell about “the terroir, the varietal, the fermentation”, and about history (even when the reasons for buying them are not actually about that).

I confess to having zero exposure to social media influencers, other than what I read in the news - this Community is my entire social media presence. I started out finding this article ridiculous, but I’m beginning to find it actually offensive that someone would take such a nakedly avaricious approach to concocting a product and selling it at a price like that, based on “influencing”. Maybe I’m turning into a grumpy old man? Help!


Noooo! I absolutely second your opinions. At the time it was launched, Dr. Jamie Goode questioned how she could be selling this wine at such an inflated price in comparison to better known ice wines and TBA’s . She told him “because its THAT good” and then offered to send him one. He didn’t reply.
What I find most amusing is the self proclaimed “Founder of Ice-wine!” Seriously! I’m gobsmacked at the nerve.:roll_eyes:


Its a terrible article tbh. Her admittance “I failed to be able to convert any of this new fan-dome into actual ice wine sales” doesn’t really help position her as an influencer !

and tut tut…using sex to sell alcohol…very naughty (and illegal!) but I dont know who you are on about !:face_with_monocle:


And to give him his dues …Jamie is pretty good on Canadian wines !