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Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative



Would you say this is better than a Burgundy at the same price? I want to get a good pinot in for Christmas and don’t particularly want to pay £50 for a Burgundy if I can get something good for half the money.


Thank you, do you mean more structure and less fruit?


“Stunning value for Pinot. Fruit is less sweet than some Chilean pinots but deep and savoury, notes of cranberries, raspberries and cherries. It has length and presence, and a touch of undergrowth. This could age well? Ok 4 and a half ??”

Mr Russell Sainty (06-Nov-2017)

This was my note on the 2014. I rated it 4.5*

Brought loads to gift at Christmas


Thank you. Have you tried the 2015?


For £25 you are getting a pretty basic Burgundy but that’s not to say some are still not good. This was very balance with red and black fruit and had a great body from what I remember ! I remember absolutely loving it ! Also bearing in mind this vintage is 4 years old and wasn’t decanted when I tasted it I would definitely say a good option than spending £50-70 on a Burgundy which for a similiar age would most likely still be in its “closed down” phase .


Yeah, absolutely - @Russ’s comment is pretty bang on. Some mushroom notes in there as well.


Thanks Leah - my Christmas wish list grows again!


Thank you Russ, have you tried the 2015?


Only the 2014 for me, I’m afraid. I will be ordering the 2015 in the next month or two, for sure.


No sorry. an’t help with the new vintage.


I have had a stunning South African PN. I’ll see if I can find what it was.


Maybe it was one of the Crystallum wines offered by TWS in the spring??? I find them to be amazing. Unfortunately, they basically sold out over night and are very difficult to find.


I only tried one from the mixed case, but yes, amazing.


Thank you for cehcking this out.


There’s an interesting article in this month’s Decanter called “Value Red Burgundy”… There are some good looking wines there, all £25 or less.


Ooh thank you - anything you’d recommend?


There’s nothing from TWS on the list, and the only one I subsequently bought after reading the article is this one from Waitrose:


… Which I’m planning to leave for a while.
I am not at all knowledgeable on Red Burgundy, but maybe other members who are, and who had read the Decanter article, might be able to help?


We had this last night also from Waitrose, nothing wrong with the wine but if it was tasted blind it would be amazing if anyone said it was Pinot Noir, there was absolutely nothing on the nose or in the mouth that would have given that impression, very dark very full very not Pinot Noir and yet I have some decent examples from the states.

It’s one of those wines you ask yourself what were they trying to make…


I’ve heard the term ‘cabernised’ used to describe this kind of pinot.


@Inbar I too read the Decanter article. I looked in two Waitrose for the one you mentioned but neither stocks it. I’ve tried to purchase other recommendations in the past and had similar results. On speaking with staff in one of the wine/spirits departments not all stores stock the same.