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Red Burgundy Pinot Noir alternative



Yep! I think it’s a similar case to Lidl and Aldi. Even within my two ‘locals’ (neither of which is actually so) - stock varies. This one I found in the Lewes Waitrose. With Waitrose there is also the added fact that their ‘Waitrose Cellar’ range is rarely ever in the shops. I ended up ordering a few bottles in the past via the on-line ‘cellar’ because I couldn’t find them in any branch, and was then told the cellar is mainly an on-line feature.
Fancy a trip to Lewes…? :wink:


I should have said in this case the two shops were 200 miles apart!


Wowzers! I can’t claim the same level of dedication- mine are only 7 miles apart, roughly.


I do not have the time (or dare I say inclination) to body swerve away from 2 lesser red Burgundies that have never disappointed me.
I speak of the Pataille Marsannay Rouge, always a decent glass.
And the Grivot Bourgogne Rouge which is not cheap, it takes it’s time to come round (5+ years) but I can assure you that it is well worth the wait.
I have tasted very expensive, compost ridden Burgundies and enjoyed them.
I even encountered a Penfold’s Pinot Noir that had a bucketful of sediment but was a 2nd cousin its mega priced European relations. Now that was a bottle to savour!!
I find that it is impossible for me, to spread myself across the vinous globe and do each region justice. Believe me, I have tried. On one infamous occasion, I tipped up to an embryonic Margaret River and headed straight for the Leeuwin Estate to try an example of their Art Series wine. A quite superior and officious lady behind the tasting counter refused me a taste unless I was prepared to purchase an overpriced bottle. I told her that we had flown over from the UK and just driven for 3 hours to get there and for me this winery visit was meant to be a highlight of our trip. She stuck to her guns, and I, having successfully competed in the European “Stubborn” Championships retreated. It was very much the attitude rather than the cost. With a map I then drove the 5 of us including a petulant and impatient mother-in-law to Cape Mentelle who were most accommodating and then to the monumental dismay of my M-I-L on to Moss Wood. This was hardly more than a shed, the man who greeted me was quite wonderful, we had a great conversation and I bought a couple of bottles to take home. After about 8 years it was brilliant.
The moral of my story is or was that you can try and taste so much, but you just cannot.
And I have refused to drink Leeuwin wines ever since, in memory of that truly awful lady.
I told you I was stubborn and I can hold a grudge!!
And yes, Moss Wood has place in my heart for saving the day and for that I will be eternally grateful!!



Agree that Grivot and Pataille are excellent Pinot producers. Pataille’s generic Bourgogne is outstanding for £15 and I’m lucky enough to have had a few bottles of his village Vosne Romanee come my way in the past.

This is one of the nicest sub £20 Pinot Noirs I have had recently, full of sappy young cherry fruit and no weird non-pinot flavours others have encountered in some new world examples:


I had both those experiences at the one winery, about fifteen years apart. First time we went to Clonakilla winery near Canberra the tasting room was a shed, the winemaker was friendly and the wines excellent and good value.

Fast forward a decade or so and the tasting room was posh, the woman behind the counter superior, the wines too young to taste, served in such small quantities that it was a waste of time, and incredibly expensive.

We walked away, went to a winery down the road called Helm that made a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon that was ready to drink and about a third of the price of the overpriced, overhyped Clonakilla. I know which winery I’ll visit again next time we are in the area.


Sounds like a case of too big for their own boots. I would be EXTREMELY disappointed to have travelled to the other end of the world for this to happen to me. Glad you both found accommodating wineries close to such esteemed and well known producers.