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Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva offer email



If anyone is still in any doubt, this offer is at a very very good price. Recognised 2005 Gran Reservas from Ribeira del Duero trade at 2-3 times the price.


I don’t want any but IF I did. I would give the Society a ring as to secure a few bottles.
Currently the site is showing new stock due in 7/09/18!!
I wonder if a call might be made to rustle up a few more bottles of the Chave :grinning: or maybe another hard to get Rhone!
But well done, WS!!!


Gone, placed order, accepted given delivery date, Sept, rest of order email came through and the Ribera vanished, evidently the system had not caught up !

All is not lost for those who like Spanish reds as I had this offer just come through for a 95 pointer Vina Tondonia…



Also got an offer on this wine from Seckford, just to keep it even handed, (the Tondonia) Plus if you really want it Spanish websites will import it cheaper. Oh and the preceding vintages are cheaper and more ready to drink, but didn’t get 96 parker points.

There’s always an offer in my in-box except from TWS.


Bo\oc£$ it’s all gone.
I love a good Ribera del duero
I’ll have to make do with the Chave :wink:


Been out, just seen thread and ried to order. Out of Stock…


Not some more old red wine! It’ll taste like … y’know … old red wine!


Tried web chat and definitely gone for good. Missed again.

Maybe I will look out for it on sale at some auction/selling site for three times the price and by a bottle or two then. I have very limited money to spend on wine each month so would have probably bought no more than two.

Anyway the rich fat cats have got to make their money some how - i’m Not bitter


Out of stock - wine hoovers again ordering 12 at a time no doubt. No email - no chance


Given the repeated instances of TWS not anticipating a certain level of interest in a wine, perhaps it would make sense to put a default six-bottle limit on any low(ish)-stock wine about which an email is being sent out, at least for a few days until it’s obvious whether people are keen.


This is the first time I have bothered with this sort of offer, I failed as many did to get any, I can accept that though my case was a bit odd as seen above, It makes little difference to me as I have no knowledge of the wine and would have purchased on trust !
I only thing I have to say is this happens with some frequency on the TWS site, if wines are in short supply or limited then it should be stated when they appear, other merchants do this with no problem, many of us have put wine in the basket and a day later completed the order only to find a wine or wines out of stock, the WS lost an order from me over that last month, three wines in two days went out of stock so I didn’t bother, there has to be a better way to inform on stock position so we don’t waste our time.
Otherwise “whats in your basket” could be er very little.


It is extraordinary that TWS persist in this some members are more equal than others policy . I understand there were some Italian wines shown at a tasting and the attendees were given the heads up and ordered before anyone else.

Other information is that targeted e mails are sent but they seem to be scattergun targeted as it seems repeatedly I am hearing of offers like the Chave where despite having bought wine in the past they are not sent to me .

This is a cooperative offers should be sent to all members unless they have opted out and if demand is expected to be high put a bottle limit on it.

It is beginning to seem that there is some special group of targeted members who are being treated more favourably than the rest of us.


Is it just me, or does there seem to be a slightly worrying sense of paranoia emerging in the community about who gets what, when, and how? I may be naive and/or gullible, but I fail to conjure up an image of some great scheme to deliver rare or scarce wines to an imaginary ‘worthy’ few. Perhaps there are more of us than there is wine available. Perhaps there is a sense of perceived injustice only because there is an online forum in which to read about it. It’s beginning to sound like a collective hysteria.
I could be wrong.


I think I’ve said pretty the same in the thread on the Chave offer.

Ok so this time I managed to get some, but it unexceptable that some are offered these wines whilst other aren’t. The idea that there is a email list that randomly sends out mail is bull, I haven’t received an email on a limited issue fine wine in my searchable history, about 6 months. I can only call this as I see it.

Come sort this out!


I don’t think it is paranoia. There do appear to be differences in what is offered to whom, and when, and this does seem to me to be somewhat in contradiction of a cooperative organisation. It is doubtless difficult to be fair to all members at all times, but this surely should be an aspiration. It looks as if it isn’t.

Another related issue that has been mentioned several times is of people buying wine for reselling at a profit. I don’t know if it actually happens, but if it does it should result in expulsions I think. It should not just be ignored…


Oh, I totally agree about this issue! It goes completely against the spirit, not to mention the rules, and should definitely be investigated!
What I do feel, however, is that we’re losing a sense of proportion, and that chewing it over on a forum can stoke a sense of injustice. We are talking about wines here, and some of the reactions seem to me a little disproportionate. I appreciate it’s just me, and perhaps I’m lacking the passion some people feel about these wines, but I felt compelled to say it.


I did get the email, and I did not try to order the wine, so I have nothing to feel personally aggrieved about. But I agree with those who think that there must be a better way of dealing with this. Something like the EP ordering system, where there is a limiting date (far enough in the future not to discriminate against people who don’t read their email or this community for a day or two) and then allocation if there are too many orders. It would be necessary to wait until there were enough parcels to make this worthwhile, not do it for individual wines.

Until then, we should try to ensure that we at least notify other members here about anything we receive.


Careful what you wish for.

TWS could, for instance, publish everything in a single place as the offers are released.

If I were the unscrupulous wine hoover type, i would certainly be checking that place constantly, pouncing on the good stuff. Or I’d get my bots to do it. Just think of what has happened to the events market.

Great, so then we start moving on bottle limits. Now, very fair, right? Everyone knows when released, everyone has a shot at one.

I don’t know about anyone else, but having the chance if I’m fast off the mark of getting a single bottle of a wine that has the potential to age 10 years or more is of much less interest than getting the odd shot at a half dozen than I can drink at my leisure over time. There’s always more offers that sound interesting to me than I can buy, so personally if I miss out I console myself in the safe knowledge there will be a next time.

In a marketplace dealing in scarce goods, it is impossible everyone feels they’ve been treated fairly all the time.

One thing my time in this community has made me more sure of is TWS tries to be fair and transparent (maybe to a fault) even if they don’t always get it right.


Yep. I’ve had all sorts of email offers over the years (for Chave, I just checked - I got 2010, 2011, 2013 but not the 2015 that was posted here - all of which I passed on because they are beyond my means). Some I’ve succumbed to, some ignored, and some missed out on but just took it as a snooze you lose situation.

They are a bit more prominent for me here though, which is both a good and bad thing!

I still advocate a granular email opt in but I can’t really complain too much about the current system, it’s fair enough really and I appreciated Laura’s explanation of how it works. Would be terribly unfair on the member services team if they had hundreds of calls at once on a short offer. I do agree on the points about anyone trying to make a quick buck on these offers, but that seems a separate matter.

As for this particular offer, I guess I got lucky. I would like to reassure people that I shall definitely be drinking them and not selling though.


For the benefit of the Community I shall volunteer to chaperone you as you consume one of these bottles, that way we can all be satisfied you say is true. I will, of course, need to consume an equal amount, to be sure the wine is as you say it is.