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Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva offer email



Of course alerting this, or any other forum, isn’t really fair to all members either. Fairer, or even fairest, to post on TWS site so all members can see it (assuming all have internet access which might be wrong). But then you get back to the problem of supply and demand being badly mismatched …


Today TWS is using Twitter to say that Rhone in a box is back in stock. Are there more members following TWS there or in this forum? Presumably advertising it there is also intended to advertise TWS to non-members?


There is also an article in the most recent newsletter about it.


I do not use “social media,” so that one is lost to me.


Just noticed this is back available to pre-order on the website.

If you thought you’d missed out move fast!

I’m resisting. Just…


Not fast enough

Coming soon when I followed the link, I clicked on the log in link to buy and got this

Unfortunately we have been unable to add the following items to your basket as there is insufficient stock available at the present time:
1 bottle - SP14181 - Viña Pedrosa Gran Reserva Special Reserve, Ribera del Duero 2005

and now the wine shows out of stock !!


Sorry about that - no idea how long it had been back up as available to pre-order.

If you like Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir this might be a consolation:



If that is true and I have no reason to doubt it it is extremely annoying and unprofessional.

I contacted TWS and was told that it was absolutely gone for good and would not return. Technically in that case that page is ‘dead’ so there would be no point to look at it again. So how did people find out about it.

I had put this wine down ‘as one that got away’ and didn’t expect a kick in the teeth again. I just hope it wasn’t the same people who got it last time restocking.


I don’t think there is conspiracy here. Someone must have cancelled their order and a few bottles appeared for sale as a result.


Might have to get some sort of auction snipe as used on ebay for these quickly out of stock wines, at least you got out of stock show up before the order was put in mine went after the order was accepted, if I had been fussed I would have been very annoyed.

On the other hand, it could be that someone is playing games…now you see it now you don’t…


I managed to get 3 bottles. It’s very good but first bottle has not aged well in decanter. Fabulous first sip. Decanted and after 3 hours it’s definately not as good as it was at first.
I would not devant the next


Helpful. I had always assumed mature tempranillo would be pretty much pop and pour. How were the tannins straight from the bottle?


On openIng, beautifully balance, tannins very mellow. Wonderful over dinner but just finishing now and i would say it’s oxidised after 3 hrs. It’s warm but not hot evening, we are in mountains c2000m if that has any impact?


Luckily a bottle rarely lasts 3 hours in my house :grin:


Many, many moons ago I was watching an American Football game one Sunday evening.
It was after midnight and my better half had retired.
But the game was a good one and I was in the mood for “something else” but not a full bottle.
It then occurred to me that my Welsh brother-in-law, residing in Perth. WA had recently gifted us an Aussie selection case including a bottle of the #108 Para Port. (That is another story), Discounting the very notion that Aussies could do Port; I zoned onto a bottle that some fairly sophisticated friends had brought back for us, after a trip to Portugal.
Bottles brought back from holiday, we’ve all been there and the results are patchy at best.
My focus was on a bottle of Setubal, Fresh from the Valleys - I’d never 'eard of it!?!
But back to the game, so sod it; broke the paper seal and got tore in!
And quite suddenly my eyes were on stalks, my taste sensors on steroids and I was AWAY!!
I remember stone fruit like luscious apricots, nuts and overheated sugar without being cloying, such a wonderful surprise when one’s expectations were meandering down the Styx!!
Throated the majority of it with new found respect, got the standard bollocking for my “selfish” actions the following day but learned a life lesson along the way after doing the very same to the Para Port on another night.
Australia does make world class sweeties, note Noble One 1982 ( now £250/bottle, I drank 2 halves and it was fantastic!! ) but do not discount the not too shabby efforts of Portugal’s “Setubal!” and Portugal does make the most fantastic Port but those rehabilitated ex-convicts (lol) can certainly make a tidy drop of their version of Port!!
Now there’s a tad of convoluted Welsh vinous symmetry!!


The story of many an NFL Sunday…


Or a good, tight, test match. With a test match, you just never know how long, or not it will go on



I do have a perverse sense of humour.
The tasting review by Mrs Phillipa J C Harvey certainly caused me a modicum of amusement given the massive thread on the subject.
On reflection, I truly hope that it was a duff bottle that gets replaced with a terrific one or else all hell is going to break loose here!! :wink:


Cutting… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The 2009 I had last week was à point


I’ve had 2 of the 2009’s purchased via a cellar plan out of 6 and have found them a bit cheese sandwich, frankly a bit dull and indifferent. Was going to give the next bottle a fair hearing, but following that heading for the cooking stash ! Good luck all