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Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva offer email



"Hello, is that Banana Brothers and Fudd’s brokerage department? Yes, I have some 05 Gran Reserva Ribera del Duero I’d like to sell. Yes, duty paid. Ex-Stevenage, actually. Pedrosa. What’s that? 50 cases listed in the last 24 hours? Approximate market value of a case of Jacob’s Creek that has spent a year sat next to a boiler in a Tesco metro storeroom? Oh…’


It is also worth noting by the way that to be reviewed already that bottle must have been delivered during some very hot weather, I would have thought this kind of wine would go pop pretty quickly exposed to any heat. The description doesn’t exactly meet that of a stewed bottle but it could be.

I had a bottle of Bella’s Garden that was stewed once and the worst part was that because it is shipped with a rubber cork seal and no capsule, you could see it was stewed before it was even opened. Auctions; caveat emptor.


I would give 11/10 for the quality of Mrs Harvey’s review.
It does strike me that many other members must have tasted this Vina Pedrosa GR 2005.
It would be more than interesting to see if the wine is good, brilliant, or maybe Mrs Harvey got the short straw with a heat affected or off bottle?
I must say though that that lady can not only taste but also describe!!:star_struck::wink:


For all those who missed out/may still be interested - I see this is available for order again (albeit from 7 September).


There’s another bad review. I watch with interest as mine aren’t due til September and the society has a guarantee.



Just saw the bad review.
Maybe lets see what the next shipment is like.
I imagine the Buyer will taste this batch before releasing.


Excuse my naivety, but what is the likelihood that this will happen? Or would Pierre have simply tasted a bottle when he first discussed the purchase with winery?



Something very odd is afoot here. Just checked Vinous and Cellartracker and there seems to be no way that this wine should be exhibiting these traits. It should have a decade of drinking window ahead of it
A bad batch, badly stored but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
If I had some (which I do not) and it was not performing well, then I would respectfully request a swap out with the stock that is arriving in early September.
In fact, I would throat a bottle ce soir and report to the WS!!


I missed the initial batch so mine aren’t due to arrive until September anyway, but you’re right, the reviews on the WS do seem at odds with those on Cellartracker.

To allow my inner cynic a voice - if I were a well respected producer and needed to clear some space in my cellar, would my first choice be a Gran Reserva from a good vintage and would I flog that on the cheap?


Depends what else you’ve got in the cellar that might offer a better future return than even a good vintage whose time is running out.


That’s my point, running out or run out?


Well I have a couple of bottles and will be trying one before too much longer so I’ll just keep fingers crossed for now!


We await the news with bated breath…


I’m not sure my palate is sophisticated enough to be worth awaiting it’s opinion. :smiley:


Regardless of the facts about this particular wine, all will be revealed in time, we go back to the item about the sheer amount of Spanish reservas and grand reservas that are and have been on supermarket shelves at all prices and are there because of the label not the quality, fortunately this will change in the future with the new rules that are being implemented, but for awhile longer caveat emptour.
Whether this wine falls into that category no one knows at this stage, it could simply be a bad batch.


And there’s only two bad reviews; not a big statistical sample at this stage!


I agree - this falls into that category I believe, has anyone tried it?


I’ve got 6 arriving in September and am going to do exactly as @Taffy-on-Tour suggests. Neck one, if it’s no good, politefully ask for a refund. If it’s good, act very smug that I’ve got a good batch. :wink:

Limited Editions

Opened a bottle on Thursday, finished on Friday. No improvement on the second day.

The first think that struck me was the cork which didn’t look 13 years old. Hardly any red discolouration.

Certainly plenty of acidity - ‘sharp’ was a word used by two people who tried it and and one I’d agree with. The promised ‘complex aromas of leather and earth’ were not evident. Not bad on the palate with some finesse.

So I’m not quite as critical as the other two reviewers but agree that it is not a bargain. The carefully phrased statement by the WS - ‘around 60% cheaper than more recent vintages’ - suggests a retail price of around £50 which is ludicrous.

Weekend Drinking Thread [7th-9th September 2018]

Not yet but the 2010 was highly praised ? and I tried that and still have a couple of bottles, not impressed…maybe time will help maybe not.