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RIP Majestic


Last week I wanted some more of a wine I bought in November but it’s no longer listed.

My local Majestic tracked 6 bottles at another shop which they are arranging to be delivered, then yesterday they rang around and found another shop with 6 bottles.

So I’ll be getting a dozen bottles. I assumed it was SOP at Majestic; perhaps I am just lucky with my local store.


I think so! Or I’m unlucky with mine. I’m not a regular as they don’t have anything I want usually, not sure if that would help or not.


Drove past my nearest Majestic today - half full skip outside the front door. Feel sorry for the staff, but to be honest it’s no loss to the wine consumer.

Same day, my new pair of mountain boots arrived through the post with a FREE £50 voucher for naked wines inside. Choose your own conclusion from this story, but it involves the domestic version of a skip.


Bin there, done that!


Much the same as all the other business reports…

but in the Times business section a couple of days ago the fate of L&W will be announced with store closures etc in June.
I see they have sold one store …

" retailer Angling Direct buying an old Majestic shop in Nottingham this month. Angling Direct announced on Tuesday it had bought the “destination store”.

sounds a bit fishy to me !


On the thread on Wine Pages there are pictures and some info of a Majestic store partially rebranded as Naked, so maybe it’s going to have the same fate as that rather than closure? Seems odd though as there have been conflicting press releases on whether they are selling the majestic shops or closing some and rebranding the rest.

I suspect the average Majestic customer is not interested in having the ‘angels’ nonsense rammed down their throat in a physical shop.


it was all very odd when they made the original announcement - they claimed not to know exactly what was happening to their own business and would make decisions in the coming months.

Personally, I think it was rubbish - they knew what was going to happen. Perhaps they knew something was going to leak out so they put a (bad) holding strategy in place?


I have a friend who works for Majestic, she literally has no clue what is happening . They haven’t told the staff anything yet which I think is disgusting. I really feel for her .


thats terrible - shows what poor management they have


Its definitely the staff I feel for, some of them were great

For what its worth, I always enjoyed my visits to Majestic but when they brought in the stupidly transparent “you don’t have to buy 6, but if you don’t we’ll charge a stack more” model, I lost interest. Its a shame as majestic helped kindle the spark of my love of wine

I got a voucher through the post the other day so have picked up a few bottles of a reliable old favourite at a good price, but wouldn’t really bother otherwise


As a publicly listed company the staff will be the last to know. Not pleasant, but the directors cannot release information which is commercially sensitive to employees before making it public.

As an employee it’s best to start looking for alternative work whilst being mindful that there may be a redundancy settlement so you don’t want to jump ship too early.


Just before Easter, I had a mail shot from Majestic inviting me to join the Concierge scheme…as if I hadn’t already and rejected it after the first case!


Local ‘Majestic’ store… has now rebranded as ‘Naked’ - soon will re-open for business.

So how does that work? if MJ failed because it was a bricks and mortar operation and accompanying overheads (but with an etablished brand) - how will NK work with bricks and mortar and a lesser brand?


Just been invited to a tasting at local Majestic promising wines that they have never offered before and which you won’t find anywhere else…wonder what they might be :slight_smile: ?


Looks like some wines that up until now have been sold in Majestic have started to appear in the Naked Wines website (normal and Angel price being listed the same)


I did sign up to Naked out of curiosity and the intro discount before I became a TWS member. Had some cracking wines from Katie Jones (Angel price above TWS price) and also a fantastic Vermouth (bitter orange peel to the fore), but also way too much average stuff I no longer remember. Thanks, but no thanks.


Me too…

Perhaps they’re Naked wines? :frowning:


Apparently, some announcement is going to be published by Majestic today.


They confirmed advanced discussions on the sale of Majestic Retail and Commercial. No dividend unless the sale happens.

I guess that means they’re selling off the bricks and mortar business, just to concentrate on the Naked Wines business.