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Sauternes pairing


It seems I didn’t say so above, but the crème brûlée did also sound like a good option. Hope it works out well!


I was in Paris some years ago and decided to nip down to Bordeaux, by myself.
And after days out in the vineyards, and dinners various I found myself in a rather good restaurant.
Being somewhat adventurous with my food I remembered that Zander and Foie Gras were highly regarded in this neck of the woods and Lo and Behold, the menu had the Goose Liver as a starter.
I also knew that Sauternes was meant to pair well with it and so it was ordered and served.
It came lightly seared and the local liquor radiated a golden hue alongside. I should note that glass of wine made up 25% of the price of the entire meal including a rather good bottle of red. Our Gallic friends are very proficient in employing a rather sharp pencil when pricing!!:open_mouth:
But it was utterly memorable and probably the culinary highlight of that trip.
I will not defend the practices employed in producing Foie Gras, I’m not even 100% sure that I would eat it again on those grounds, But on that evening, they paired wonderfully well together!


Really appreciated all of the advice. Served before dessert - great idea btw and went for crème brûlée. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and was so pleased that I could share it.
Sad thing is that beauty has left a bit of a hole in my wine rack metaphorically speaking :frowning:


Not the same age, but for something which is certainly very drinkable now have a look at

Half bottle of Château Suduiraut, Sauternes 1998 for £21.


Got a couple of halves of the Suduiraut on the back of the members tasting notes and scouring around for others opinions. Thumbs up all round. With some rich pate, or a fruit tart methinks!:wink: