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Silly badges


Can we please get rid of the childish awarding of ‘badges’?
And why must the title of a topic be at least 12 characters? I had to change this from ‘badges’ to ‘silly badges’.
And in what way is this topic “similar” to Ridge Monte Bello offer en primeur?

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month
BADGES how many and what are are they?

But who wouldn’t want to look like this?


I agree about the titles - I’ve wanted shorter ones previously and had to come up with slightly meaningless additions.
But I think the badges are fun (don’t worry, I do get my kicks in slightly more exciting ways too). Even if you find them annoying, I don’t think they happen, as a notification, often enough to be more than a very fleeting irritant!


Hi @SPmember - thank you for your opinion in the site. I do like to hear feedback so that we can respond to individual issues, or be encouraged to research the views of the wider community.

I will try to answer your questions for reference:

Not really. ‘Badges’ are a visual filtering device that allows the member themselves, the others in the community (including the admins) and the system, to mark certain milestones. These are useful because they help to personalise the site, usually in subtle ways.

Our goal is to make the site as easy to use, as relevant and as interesting as possible. For example, knowing whether members are learning to share links, or have read certain documents (such as our guidelines) is a means to deliver that goal to all members.

Yes, there are some additional badges like the one I created for members who happen to have taken part in activities such as the TWS Taste events. This is a fun and light-hearted way of creating community, of bringing people together by being able to find people like them.

By all means ignore them. There is no harm, and if you happen to find this information of little use, then you don’t need to use it.

Of course, if a majority of members feel that this information is not just irrelevant but intrusive in some way, we can look into the possibility of hiding it. I ask others who have an issue with this system to get in touch with me to discuss it.

This is intended to ensure that the subject line, which is all you see until you click on the conversation, is useful and relevant, so that you can not waste time clicking on subjects that will not be of interest.

“Silly Badges”, or even “Feedback on the use of Badges in the community” communicates a lot more about the conversation than “Badges”.

It would be a much poorer site if the list of topics were one-word lines like ‘Chianti’ or ‘Cork’ instead of more specific subjects. This is also true of comments as there is also a minimum here to encourage thoughtful and useful responses, not just “Thanks” or “Rubbish”

I’m not sure to be honest. The automatic system tries to do its best to match what you type to existing content so that you can find relevant previous conversations. Short titles, with few keywords, offer the system little to work from, so it was probably fairly random. I’ll see if I can find out more about this.

The best thing is to add a specific subject that includes important keywords, and then it will hopefully find more useful links if they exist.

I trust that answers your questions.

Have a great sunny Bank Holiday weekend!


Thank you for the reply. I suppose it is useful to see which members use the labels, and use this as a warning that they take themselves too seriously.


Yes, we all draw our conclusions on one another in various ways


That reminds me, where’s my TWS Taster badge??

I take myself very very seriously, you must understand.


Surely there is a case for a Northen Oick badge…:innocent::pig::wine_glass::rose:


Or a reminder of how much time you have spent on the site reading and supporting (or not) other (non compulsory) community members and their views/life/recommendations/habits and musings.
As you say, there is also the life away from here too, as espoused in much of the comment. Off to watch The Durrells.


Is it possible to makes ones own badge, maybe involving Newcastle Brown and a capsleeve teeshirt?

Tongue firmly in my wimpy southern cheek :smiley:


That was me at 18
(although mildly better looking and significantly less annoying so I used to tell everyone)


I would like to know how can I petition @robert_mcintosh for an irony badge


Lets try get you another one …:sweat_smile:


I would like the Groucho Marx badge in recognition of membership of a club that I would not want to be a member of


We’re certainly here to entertain! :smiley:


On a more serious note are people still being added to the 308 club? It looks like it’s been a while since any were (and its still quite short of 308 so it isn’t that!)


I had just noticed Badges and was just about to ask a question about the Badge System, when the prompt appeared to tell me it already existed. I notice that there are such badges as Mentors and a 308 Club which all sound very accomplished!

Whilst I understand that grouping members in different groups may well facilitate the site managers’ ability to obtain statistics and the like, surely there is little benefit to ordinary members. In fact it could be a little intimidating.


I’ve gotta get my social media dopamine hit somehow!


Oh dear, I must find out whether I am using the badges, and how to stop using them if I am.

(And I claim my irony badge)

EDIT: Note this reply was meant to be self-ironic, but definitely not sarcastic to @SPmember . Now I am taking my self even more seriously - help!


Yeah, let’s take back control :wink: