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Small Wonders Vintage Cellar Plan



Eerily enough, I’m just chasing this up now! A few of the people who could help have been out of the office for a bit and I forgot to chase them when they were back - apologies! Should have an answer ASAP. :slight_smile:


Ha. Spooky!



I telephoned today to ask that very question and was told only red wines were available in this plan. I should have asked if there was any particular reason why!


It’s the sort of thing I would go for if I was buying in this way, not too expensive, eclectic wines for special occasions that you won’t feel too bad about if you open it up on a wet Wednesday. All my money seems to go on what I’m drinking this year, occasionally get a bottle in a mixed case to keep a couple of years. The Small Wonders section is always something I look closely at when the brochure arrives!


Hello all!

I’ve heard back from the VCP team and they’re really delighted there’s such an interest in a white VCP plan. There’s no plans to add one this year, but I was told to ‘watch this space!’ so I think that’s a good sign. :smiley:

In the mean time, feel free to call Member Services and they’ll gladly get a wine adviser to put some suggestions together if you’d like some white wines for your cellar - they can put tasting notes etc together for you too! :slight_smile:


Good news! I kind of assumed it was mixed when I signed up, which doesn’t change my interest in it but if we had such a thing as a vote I’d like a 3:1 red:white ratio :grin: that may not be practical though.


Even more spookily I phoned today to ask about the SWVCP and in particular if it was confined to reds - and was told it was. I still plan to join but see no obvious reason why whites meeting the criteria could not be included.


Thanks for finding out and coming back to us @laura

In the mean time, I guess one slightly convoluted way of getting your 3:1 ratio @tom (and it does lose the advantage of the buyers selecting a wine you might not otherwise choose) is to decline 1 of your 4 cases of red allocated by the VCP, and use the refund to put a case of white in reserves instead.