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We are not a secret society.
Code=a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy.


That’s only definition 1 in the dictionary!

program instructions.

a systematic collection of laws or statutes.

Middle English: via Old French from Latin codex , codic- (see codex). The term originally denoted a systematic collection of statutes made by Garynian or another of the later Roman emperors; compare with code (sense 3 of the noun) (mid 18th century), the earliest modern sense.


So Gary IS code after all…! I knew it!!:smile:


I for one am not on tenterhooks.

I know for certain I am not going to win a golden bottle.

That’s because I have not ordered any wine during this promotion. My wine storage has no space for more wine, I have nowhere to put any more. I must reduce stocks…

And yet…

I recall I am due to give a tasting in May for which I need to buy wine. When does the Golden Bottle promo end???


Well. I’m not Gary either…


You have to have delivery between 1st and 29th March if that helps! All the T&Cs are here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Is the bottle ‘awarded’ on order date or on packing for delivery date? I have an order that I have delayed delivery on but it is still in the window.


Mike, the T & C’s say " If you place an order for delivery in England, Wales and Scotland or a pre-order for Showroom collection between 1st and 29th March 2019 you will be automatically entered into the prize draws." I read this as meaning the day it is to be delivered or collected. Could be wrong though.


Turns out I’m not Gary either… I really thought I might be!


I may be many things, but Gary I ain’t :sob:


This is like a game of dominoes …! Who’s next to fail to get the golden bottle :shushing_face:!


Mine’s due on the 28th… let’s hope it can be re-named ‘Gary’s birthday’ :star_struck:


Well, picked up some wine from Stevenage today. Just got home a little while ago and opened the box to check for my golden bottle. I couldn’t believe it - the empty slots were just empty slots!


There’s ANOTHER winner! He’s called Esmond! Do we have an Esmond on here people??


Bet his middle name’s Gary.


It’s not actually. I’ve met him! His middle names are Barry, Harry and Larry.
Surname’s Gary.


Wasn’t me today, Charlie Bucket I ain’t


I vote a pay rise for TWS person who decided to wrap ‘the golden bottle’ like a camp easter egg.


Wasn’t me either. Was really hoping for a glimpse of golden ribbon when I opened up my case but nothing to be seen apart form the space reserved for my potential goodie.

Despite the mantra uttered under my breath en route to the showroom. Today I’m Gary, today I’m Gary… ( repeat ad infinitum ).


Some bloke called Gary just turned up and dropped a few boxes off:

I wonder if he left one of his golden calling cards behind?

I guess we’ll never know.