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just putting it out there…isn’t being part of the community defacto with “you will become aware of things” ?


I don’t think reason will work here… but kudos for trying


Damned if you do; damned if you don’t…


Boy do I now regret saying anything! It’s no big deal folks, let’s just leave it?


Apologies for reigniting this thread, but for what it’s worth here’s my 2 pennorth

Presumably these wines to be given away are now in (very) short supply. They would therefore never I assume make it onto the website or into a printed offer for sale. They would therefore (again I assume) either be drunk at some TWS corporate event or placed for sale in the fine wine room at the Stevenage showroom. In either event either no or very few (relatively) members have access to them, even if they have a large enough wallet.

This way, there is a chance for anyone (from the entire membership) who chooses to participate by ordering wine during March to own one of these rare bottles.

I’ll be placing an order. Others may choose not to.


Been there, done that!! :smiley:

But seriously- you are raising some very valid points! I, for one, will never ever buy a wine that costs this much, so if I get a zillionth of chance to win one - why not?


Conscientious objectors could choose not to place any orders during the promotional period … :thinking:


@woodap Agreed! And a chance to win a bottle of wine that I would not usually be able to afford and haven’t tasted, by buying some bottles that I can afford and already enjoy. Quite exciting I think, and I’m already choosing the wines I want to order in March!


@woodap. “Others may choose not to.” Or possibly may not have the means to do so.
I’ve been reading the history and founding purpose of the Society and thinking about the difference between providing members with good wine at good prices, and encouraging members to buy more wine than they intended or wanted to. Could be a bit curmudgeonly, but perhaps there are members who would love to win a £200+ bottle of wine, but are not in a position to place another order at short notice.
Probably doesn’t apply to many, but nevertheless.


Perfect excuse to bring in a few more bottles of Barolo for research purposes…done!


This is a fair point, and understandably frustrating/disappointing for anyone affected/in this situation.
Difficult to fully legislate against every possible scenario in these situations.
I bought a Coravin a couple of weeks before they did a huge sale on their website for Black Friday…


I’m afraid this all smacks of “modernising” the Society to me, in the face of competition from other clubs.

For goodness sake just keep doing what you’ve been doing since TWS began. Offer good value, more importantly good quality, and great service. Job done!

If we want gimmicks, get over to Laithwaites etc


Have you ever heard the expression “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”!
Time to move with the times @AnaGramWords. If TWS wants to recruit an increasingly diverse and younger audience it needs to place itself appropriately within the increasingly competitive marketplace. That requires participating in social media campaigns appealing to a wider audience and offering opportunities such as this. Nobody wants to be left behind in a fast and competitive marketplace.


Then you run the risk of becoming the “same” as everyone else. What TWS should be concentrating on is educating its younger, newer members to develop their interests in wine above the cheap as chips, bargain bottles trotted out by other such clubs, mostly on social media!
Otherwise TWS will be joining a race to the bottom and become just another wine club!


Show me another retailer currently running the “SAME” offer as this?? Genuinely interested!
As you’ve said yourself, others are touting cheap as chips bargain bottles on social media.
Digital marketing is the future and those companies who don’t engage with it will be left behind .


By the very definition of being a mutual, open only to members and run for their benefit, it will never be ‘the same as everyone else’.
There is a need to appeal to newer members, however, and this is what TWS is doing. I’m sure someone else will have the opposite point of view to yours - “why isn’t the Society modernising itself”… so in a sense, as been mentioned here before - it seems like whatever the Society decides to do - it can’t win.

I’m all for new, younger members who are eager to learn about quality wine at honest prices.


I find it interesting how this good news of an offer of free wine has been taken so badly and turned into a weapon to beat TWS with.

I know I like a moan sometimes, but look at TWS and what it offers.

Surely encouraging people to buy a few more bottles by offering this golden bottle will encourage people to try new things and take an interest above the cheap as chips.

Once they have engaged with TWS there is a brilliant online offering with advise on the website (as well as on the phone) and great social media interaction. Which will surely educate. I see their position as far from the race to the bottom, more a shout to the top.


Must re-watch “Willy Wonka” there were a few lessons learned in that!


I knew it!! They have a river of wine in Stevenage!! I’m gonna get that golden bottle and fall in that river, even if it means getting stuck in the tube! Totally worth it.



oooooh Maybe there’s oompa Loompas too! I wonder is the river white, red or rosé?