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Thanks, Richard! I shall look out for this one. I am actually planning on opening the Niepoort Lagar de Baixo this evening, so good to read about another example from him. It’s a wine I really enjoy - and I echo the slight comparison with PN, despite the more earthy tannins Baga seems to possess.


I received my delivery today and as soon as I did realised how stupid it was to order six bottles! Unless there’s a Musigny stuffed in there as well (won’t open the box until I take it home from work later)…


I’m guessing that the process is a little more sophisticated than someone in the warehouse finding an order with enough space in the box to accommodate the golden bottle.

However, I can confirm that my order is for 11 bottles. Just in case. :wink:


The pickers and packers in Stevenage will be having a good old chuckle at us this month…!

5 bottles? 11 bottles? 17 … no, wait, 23 bottles?!


It’s clearly Prime Number Month! :face_with_monocle:


Then I shall order 35, just to buck the trend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The uneven weight distribution of these part-filled cartons must be wreaking havoc on the backs of the warehouse staff!


If the ‘lottery’ was being conducted on a daily basis we’d all be doing ourselves a serious disservice banging all our orders in over the first few days of the month! :wink:


Okay, I needn’t have waited as the least exciting (for me, probably not if you are a Bordeaux fan mind you) set of monthly offers ever have just gone online on the website. Actually I did not wait and placed an order of 7 halves (plenty of space for the golden bottle) for a carefully selected (Monte Carlo and stuff) delivery date.


To be fair, they’re not really offers but rather highlights. It’s just a recommended selection.


A few years ago there was a promotion on The Society’s Claret in that a number (20,30,50???) had a special cork and if you had that cork you won a (I think) classed growth claret .

I bought but didn’t find the cork, and wasn’t that impressed with the contents either.


That’s true, too.


I just totally panicked and thought I had added 9 bottles to my last order… but it was 8 actually :sweat_smile:


Just pressed submit to be in with a chance. Collection from a local point counts, as confirmed by member services.

Obviously I don’t need any more wine in the flat and was really trying to hold off this month, relying more on taking things out of storage (including some
Tomas Cacik Frankovka 2017 which I also didn’t need but was compelled to purchase following the TWS Taste last month and put in Reserves due to lack of space at home). However the chance to win is too much to miss so I’ll be receiving this week a few special bottles from my wishlist.

The cycle continues!


This popped up on my Twitter feed today…


I saw that too, dreaming of the Cote Rotie or Vega Sicilia… :star_struck:


The Grange, Latour and DRC rather took my eye. However I’d like TWS staff to know that I’m not at all fussy and will be happy with any of the wines pictured :grin:


Well I didnt know about this ‘secret’ ; maybe too old to understand ‘teaser campaigns’ and better things to do than waste time with social media. On a positive note: Placed an order last week, arrived today - happily no surprises, havnt ‘won’ anything. Good wine though.


You mean the Sylvain Cathiard Vosne Romanee aux Malconsorts. Unless I am mistaken. Don’t get me wrong… I would happily take it or any of them. What are the two Cornas?

Noel Verset and Thierry Allemand it seems… will stop watching this video now…


TWS has fundamental values - successful values - which have lasted 164 years (hope thats correct). I agree: Offer good value, more importantly good quality, and great service. Job done!

Exactly as Leahs says: “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”! - which is what works !