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South Africa - Platter's 5* wines


I just saw that the 2015 Kanonkop Paul Sauer ( essentially one of the better wines from the better vintages) is only available inside of a mixed case.

This is ridiculous!!

I understand from a commercial point of view why you would put a desired/short supply wine in with other less desirable wines but whose bright idea was it to put a red wine that will age through until 2033 in a mixed case with a bunch of lower quality whites which need to be drunk in the next 3-4 years?

Seriously, this is a joke and one of the most offensive things I’ve seen from the wine society.


Most of the other wines are around £20-£25 a bottle and the Paul Sauer is about £30 a bottle. Its hardly like the other wines are £6 a bottle supermarket plonk (and personally I’d prefer most of the other wines in this box)


as with everything - all a question of personal taste and preference…i’m not the greatest Kanonkop fan (never had the PS) but do like Chocolate block. For me a cab that offers drinking over a few year range is ideal

as @NickFoster says - they are all in a similar price range, PS being the highest, but we aren’t putting against a £5 cap white blend

ps - this is a members forum and if you wish to comment to TWS directly its best to do it through other means :slight_smile:


Sorry - I didn’t realise you were not allowed to publicly criticise TWS’ practices or offerings on the members forum.

It’s not the price range that’s the issue (although obviously TWS have historically struggled to shift some of these) it’s the practicalities of storing wines with very different ageing profiles.

By the above logic what are we going to see next, a mixed case of Chryseia and Warre’s Port because they’re a similar price and both from Portugal??


You absolutely are allowed to criticise us here! :smiley:

I think perhaps @JamesF was pointing out that your comments aren’t recorded or generally actioned on here (as he rightly says - it’s just a discussion space for members), so if you do feel strongly about this (and it sounds like you do) then it’s best to contact Member Services so they can record your feedback and ensure it gets seen by the appropriate staff. :slight_smile:

Feel free to continue the discussion here, though!


criticise away…talk about other retailers, tell people you’ve given up alcohol, discuss beetles, put up pics you think people will like…all welcome

just if you want to comment to TWS best do it directly…then come on here and explain why !

Now you have mentioned storage, it makes more sense - there are some threads on storage that details places you can obtain single bottle storage if you don’t have your own ‘Cellar’



Thanks for highlighting this case, cracking wines. 10 cases left now.


Such a shame i’m pretty full up on wine at the moment! Cracking case!


To get around this would it be possible to buy 2 cases, transfer them to Lay and Wheeler, and then split the case into 2? Wines that will be ready sooner and wines that need time. Has anyone done this before?


Not from TWS, but had mixed cases delivered to L&W before, which they then itemised for a small fee. So now each bottle separately withdrawable


Would be possible with just 1 case of 6 bottles and the transfer is for free although not the case-splitting (as per @szaki1974)

Just begs the question though why TWS can’t offer the same for a similar fee


Theoretically I think you could do this but:

a) The Kanonkop has a drinking window through until 2033, so 8 more years/>100% longer than the next longest ageing in the case.

b) It’s a lot of hassle for a “relatively” low value wine.

My point is just simply that unusually for TWS, this doesn’t appear to be a very well though through product (in my opinion)


Just thought it might be cheaper to withdraw 6 as a case than 3 individual bottles. Never done this before. Agree that I would much prefer to buy a case of the PS, but all the wines should be great. I have tried the 2017 Chocolate Block, and it is already drinking well. Best vintage in ages! I have tried previous vintages of the Botanica Chenin and they have all been superb.


Well - its gone now…sold out it seems so something and someone must have clicked


My experience with DP transfers to another warehouse (L&W at Vinotheque in my case), is that I pay what I would have paid for delivery to any other address.

Therefore if delivery was free to start off with it remains free (clearly not for 3 bottles in this particular case)


Does anyone want to buy 10 x 5 bottles of random South African wines to be drunk before 2023?



I really enjoy buying pre-selected 3 and 6-packs from TWS - I want to drink widely, try different styles and producers and not get bogged down in warehousing a vast collection or inventory management (having said that I’m learning that lesson the hard way).

Also I don’t know of another merchant who gives me access to diversity in such an affordable way (free delivery, only 3/6 bottles, often cheaper than the min. free delivery cost of GBP75 etc).

I think it works.

I learnt a great deal from this purchase for example:


As most probably know, I do a fair bit of criticism on here :grinning:

But I actually like the idea of these cases. I probably wouldn’t buy them myself, as I know at least some of the wines and would rather buy individual bottles, but I think they are great to get the quality of SA - or above all Greece, with the above example! - better known to neophytes and thus create a sustainable market for wines that are often light years ahead of more famous stuff in terms of QPR.


I completely agree. The TWS mixed cases are great.

My entire point is just around only making the best wine (and not massively expensive vs a lot of TWS product) available through the mixed case. Especially when the wine in question has a very different ageing profile to the rest of the case. e.g. in the Greek case all of those wines would have a drinking window through until 2025.

If this was a new wine to TWS it would make sense to layer it into a mix case to introduce the wine to UK consumers and reduce the inventory risk. I love the mix cases, but would be nice to have the option of buying a wine with proven pedigree and aging potential separately.


Wow, sold out already. Too late. :frowning: