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South Africa - Platter's 5* wines


If we could do that we would! Time to make that an option…


You’re right of course, sorry about that!


Well I am even more disillusioned now hearing Jo Locke’s reply! Of course it is right to inhibit the wishes of those hell-bent on snaffling up the ‘top’ wines by only including them as part of a mixed case. But when TWS offered the Kanonkop PS vertical, why oh why, didn’t the '15 get placed into it?
As I recently said, I ordered both Kanonkop cases and recently ran a vertical tasting of seven Kanonkop wines (3 cab and 4 PS) for my local wine society and had to apologise for not searching out a '15, a truly outstanding vintage.
I’m afraid this was a massive oversight on your buyer’s part.


Very sorry to hear you’re disillusioned by this. From Jo:

"Afraid as we didn’t have 6 vintages of PS, to make a 6x1 mix, we opted for the vertical tasting mix with a run of vintages (2011/2012/2013), those readiest for drinking.

“I can see the frustration in this instance, especially as the 2015 sold out everywhere very quickly. Our apologies once again.”


Look, thanks for taking the time to come back for this and for providing more detail.

The first thing to say is that you’re not going to please everyone.

That being said, I think the argument around the PS vintages and cases is weak. Given that Kanonkop are selling the 2016 PS, there’s an obvious plan to be made there… or even double up where you had greater stock… or literally throw in any other Kanonkop wine such as the 2013 Estate Pinotage. To make it really special, bringing the Black label range to the UK would have been phenomenal - there’s literally a plethora of options available to fill 1 bottle in a case!

Even through in a vin de constance (similar aging profile) and prestige if you want to make a mixed case to lighten things up at the end of your great 5 bottle vertical!!

There were load of options available and I’d argue bundling it with a random mixed white and red case with various drinking dates pleases the fewest.

I appreciate it’s an emotional comment, but I feel that it shows a lack of respect for loyal customers of TWS who have bought and supported other Kanonkop offerings; especially in the context of it being such a well requested wine and one that you Jo and the team knew would be tricky for society members to get hold of.

Just really disappointing all around tbh.


You’re right that there were many options available and I think the various discussions above certainly do show that you can’t please everyone. Emotional comment or not, anything that makes a member feel we are disrespecting them is not nice to read - it’s not what we’re about at all. So I thank you for the feedback again, which we take squarely on the chin and we’ll endeavour to learn from it as best we can.


Thanks @martin_brown

Lets all remember issues over wine are a first world problem and their are bigger issues out there.

I appreciate you, Jo and the team taking the time to address this directly.

Finally, I think I speak for most members when I say we’re all big fans of TWS and the hard work the team put in, so don’t misconstrue disappointment and criticism for disillusionment.

Saying all that, do see if Jo can twist a few arms to get a few more bottles!! :slight_smile:


You know guys, I think that’s a very good and understanding explanation by Jo.
We really are well served by TWS staff. It is impossible to please everyone and this seems to me a good and intelligent compromise. Hope we can all move on.


I actually think it is an excellent mixed case and am very much looking forward to all of the wines. The real issue, it seems to me, is the problem created by having to withdraw mixed cases in full - it seems to me that if there were a way that members could withdraw the rest of the case while leaving the PS in reserves, there would be little or no ground for criticism at all. But the (in-)flexibility of TWS reserves is an issue that has been raised numerous times in numerous threads…



I don’t even think people would mind paying for this option.

e.g. free/including in reserve cost if you want an entire case but an additional charge if you want to start playing around with single bottles etc.


I’m rather impressed that you can bring something up on these pages and get a personal response from the relevant buyer.

That’s not bad for an outfit this big, and not something to take for granted :+1:


Mentors, Mentors, Mentors! I am sure TWS staff are completely capable of sticking up for themselves when criticised! Please don’t think it’s in your job description to immediately fly to their defence. We’re all grown up on here for goodness sake.


is that like Tora! Tora! Tora!


It did not read like that. It read like a member being impressed that in such a big organisation a buyer can take the time to respond directly and honestly to criticism. Being a mentor has nothing to do with the comment. Anyone could have made it.


To be fair there are only 242 employees so we should be able to get a response from the person or team making the decision.

Especially in the context of it being our society.

I do however appreciate the accountability in this case.


I’m fully behind @tfpywfpy on this matter - his post sums the whole thing up perfectly


I did not know that.

Never really gave it any thought before, I guess.

That will be my Fact Of The Day :mortar_board:


up from 235 the year before!


very funny!!! :slight_smile:


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