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South Africa - Platter's 5* wines


Oo-err! I’ll have a look at that, thanks for pointing it out!


Probably because no one has had the privilege to drink it :rofl:


Just use the ones from the Botanica Mary, Chenin Blanc from the mixed case. It’s from South Africa so same-same :slight_smile:


Stick it in a capsule to be opened with gilded tongs, that’s what I say! :wink:


for those that didn’t get hold of a bottle…here’s a magnum

PS 2015


Haha you got me.

I was instantly into the South African section to buy and sadly had to come back and read your post.

Still completely riled at the was the PS and loyal supporters have been treated on this one.

I think the explanation for not including it in the PS vertical is garbage.

“we didn’t want to include the 2015 in the vertical in case people bought that just to get the 2015” … but did include it in a random 6 bottle mixed case of South African wines because that’ll stop people just buying that case for the PS 2015 - go figure!!

@laura I did email the wine society team to provide feedback on the day of the product launch but am yet to receive a response.


I’m sorry if you haven’t had a response - I’ll follow that up for you.
I’m not entirely sure what they’d be able to say to add to Jo’s response above, though - Jo’s our South Africa buyer and I don’t think there’s anyone else here who could give a better-informed or more helpful explanation about why we included the PS in this mixed case. I don’t think it can be denied Jo explained the reasoning thoroughly, although I also fully accept you might not agree with this reasoning, and that’s absolutely fair enough (I think Jo conceded that too).

It’s honestly a real shame this has disappointed you so much because I think we chose the option we hoped would cause least disappointment overall, and I echo Jo’s sentiments that we do want to continue learning from your feedback and we will, but I’m not sure what more we can do when it comes to this particular case except assure you that your opinion has been heard and we really are sorry we got this so wrong in your eyes.


Hi @laura,

I wasn’t expecting any special treatment on this, I just expected an acknowledgement in order to ensure that the feedback was recorded as per your request at the top of the thread.

To be really clear, the feedback and learnings that I would want the team to takeaway would be:

  1. Don’t run a producer focused special, include a plethora of their wines (including verticals), omit the most highly acclaimed wine from that vineyard and then offer that same specific wine a handful of weeks later.

  2. Don’t include wines with the ability to age (particularly a highly regarded/acclaimed wine which in all likelihood people would want to age) in a mixed case with wines that cannot age.

Some members like mixed cases, and so by all means bang it in there as well but don’t make that the only route when it is evidently a logistical problem when it comes to cellaring.

  1. If concerned about what buyers may or may not want with limited stock, why not offer the wine with a 1 or 3 bottle limit (like you do frequently with other wines). Even if the limit was 1 bottle members could choose to bundle it in with their own mixed case with a similar ageing profile.

There have been numerous times that TWS have screwed up over the last year with real practical implications (e.g. Forgetting to order Magnums of Clos de Papes, EP Reisling not arriving etc. ). one can overlook these short comings as I think we all agree TWS does a great service, but when one is spending significant amounts of disposable money on what is a commoditised product, its oversights such as this that drive loyal members/customers away.

Given the long serving relationship TWS has with Kanonkop it would be great to see if this could be addressed, either in this specific case with the 2015 PS or more long term.


Perhaps I’m over-sensitive, but this just comes across disrespectful to the buyer, regardless of what you feel about her explanation.

I also feel - and this is just a personal opinion - that the petulant tone, for example:

… is somewhat over the top. This is wine we’re talking about here… Let’s keep a sense of proportion…?




This had hardly been bugging me for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been concealing, not feeling and not letting people know about the hurt.

The painful memories of that fateful Wednesday morning came flooding back however when I excitedly hopped on the new and shiny TWS website after it looked as if TWS had stepped up and secured a few magnums post receiving the update from that scallywag @JamesF … only to be disappointed.


in my defence…I did say here’s A magnum


38 clicks and counting…! :laughing:


@Inbar not meaning to be disrespectful at all - I’m simply saying that I think they could of done their job better on this occasion and that the logic for not including it in the PS vertical doesn’t stack up. Others shared this view such as @AnaGramWords

I wouldn’t write anything on an internet forum that I was not prepared to say to someone in person.

With regards the comment on this being over the top, 10 days ago (above) you’ll see that I made the exact same point,

"Lets all remember issues over wine are a first world problem and their are bigger issues out there.

I appreciate you, Jo and the team taking the time to address this directly.

Finally, I think I speak for most members when I say we’re all big fans of TWS and the hard work the team put in, so don’t misconstrue disappointment and criticism for disillusionment."


Not your fault at all.

I was just so excited by the email in my inbox I skipped going to the forum entirely and went straight to the buying page… and to a place of disappointment that can only really be matched by the time that we heard there was going to be a new Beatles song… only to hear “Free as a Bird”.



Absolutely fair points, and I appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback. I am honestly taking everything you’ve said and logging it now, and believe me when I say the staff here do take notice of feedback given on this Community so you will be heard. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s anything specific we can do on this case, unfortunately, so I’m really sorry we can’t resolve it in the way you’d like us to, but I hope this discussion has helped restore your faith a bit!

I’m hoping to host our buyer Jo at one of our AMAs soon so maybe she’ll be able to give some insight into similar offerings coming up that might appeal to you! :slight_smile:


@szaki1974 - You want notes? Much better and more detailed than anything TWS puts up is the winery fact sheet, available for all Kanonkop wines. Here is the link to the PS fact sheet

and Atkins 100 Point info


Really interesting.
Thanks for posting @peterm

3 points I take out of it:
Very short time on skins - would have expected 10-14 days
14.47% abv yet they chose to label at 14%
VA seems pretty high. I think 0.6 - 0.7 is around the perceptible human detection mark.


Mine arrived yesterday btw and very pleased I am too.
Thanks for the notification community!


EU and thus UK law; wine abv must be a whole or .5 number, and some leeway is allowed. 14.5% would be more accurate :slight_smile: