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Stemware (wine glasses) - what do you use?


I very nearly went to that, what was it like?


Yeah it was good. I’ve been 3 years on the trot.

I particularly enjoy speaking to the winemakers. I was chatting to the winemaker from Carmelita (Uco Valley, Argentina) about how he imports French barrels for the wine. Logistical nightmare and very expensive!

Also met the couple behind Montgomery wine in Wales. Memorable story of how they started out. Great wines too.

I also had a long chat with the good folk from Yapp wines. Mostly eulogisining about Alain Graillot’s wines.

The WS stand is also a highlight!

Always end up getting a bit tipsy and spending a fortune. It’s also pretty busy. But it’s £50 for me and Mrs. AB, we go with mates and it’s great fun.

You get given nice glasses too; defo not hijacking thread :wink:

Also nice to chat to Oz, Tim and Olly.

Here is Mrs. AB and Oz. Good fun. Recommended.

Three Wine Men event in London

Sounds great! I’ll definitely have to try to make it next time :+1:


Very nice.

I do hope this whole unit lifts out of the ground and opens up at a clap of the hand :clap:


Interesting reading everyone’s replies. We have loads of glasses (too many really) from Reidel to basic Sainsbury’s stuff.
To some degree I think the right wine for the right glass debate is a load of tosh, as is the decant or not issue.
One thing I really rail about however is the Reidel “O” series for white wines. I absolutely love the red wine shapes (very hand-friendly) but why oh why are they made for white wines, where the hand warms the wine…madness!


Picked up 6 of these for £9 in TK Maxx today.

Reminiscent of the Olly Smith glass shape. Pleased.


I don’t usually spend much time holding them - they sit on the table by my plate. For walk-around parties it’s different though, I guess.

My problem with red Os is getting my hand round the glasses in a way that lets me swirl them without moving my arm. And I have pretty big hands. Prefer the Chard/Viogniers, even for red wines, as they are easier to handle. The big ones usually come out for G&Ts, for which they are excellent.


You need to stand up and do a hula hoop motion with your body. Takes a bit of practice :+1:



Those Champagne glasses look good in the body, but the image on Amazon appears to show they have a lip on the rim. Is that so?


Hi Peter, no lip. Couple of photos.



Prices vary even on Amazon.
This looks as good as it gets


I dont like those large wine glasses which are the fashion now. Because i have a slight nervous problem -cured by a dose of red wine-i have to be careful when holding a full glass in the presence of other people. So i find it difficult when the glass is large and the wine is half way down the glass. Now when i go out for a meal and have a large glass of wine i have to say can i have it is a normal traditional glass.


Have you tried any stemless glasses? You might like them as being a little less unwieldy.


I started looking for good glasses, searched all around, and realised that the simple pack of four red wine glasses in Tesco were exactly the right shape and size. They are excellent, unpretentious, and I won’t cry if they break. A fiver for four.

Unfortunately I can’t link to them as they seem to have disappeared from Tesco’s web pages. But they might still be available in the store.

I also realised I had the perfect serving decanter in a traditional Italian water decanter - bought from HEMA - the wonderful cheap and cheerful Dutch/Belgian shop - check them out if you’re there. They can have gems of kitchenwear!

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

My absolute FAVOURITE Dutch/ Belgian store! I used to live in the Hague :wink:


There is one of those in Euston station - for all your commuting homeware needs!!


I agree! But I think HEMA in Euston still does mostly the expensive stuff. You need to get to Belgium or the Netherlands for the lovely, cheap but so well done stuff, sadly. De Bijkorf in Amsterdam is also good for more up-market stuff. It’s a bit like John Lewis. Some really well chosen stuff.


Their chocolate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!!


Agreed! There is some amazing chocolate in the NL - they have so many amazing flavours - even the ‘bog standard’ for them Albert Heijn Supermarket had some very nice chocolate.


Just taken delivery of eight of these Spiegelau Authentis tasting glasses as my new ‘everyday’ glasses - they are currently about £17 for 4 from the Riedel UK website. I wanted something with a medium sized bowl and short stem which would be very dishwasher friendly but still a ‘proper’ wine glass Initial impression with the Pewsey Vale Riesling is that it encourages real clarity of expression on the palate but the nose is slightly muted. I do also like the look, it is understated but classic and at 19cm will go in the top of the dishwasher.