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Summer press tasting - you could be there!


Aww @JayKay was looking forward to meeting you. Another time!


Thanks @Alchemist. Ditto. It would have great and I’m trying to be brave.


Well, the day has finally arrived! :grinning: on my way to London, and thankfully there’s Wi-Fi on board, so can send my hello :wave:
Looking forward to meeting @Nowt_in_my_glass and @Ewan, and acquaint myself with the wines! :wine_glass::wine_glass:
The list looks utterly amazing, so will report back…
Happy Monday one and all! :grinning::sun_with_face:


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts @Inbar, I’ve just landed back so I’ve lots of threads to catch up on :wink:


Happy Monday indeed! Enjoy! :smiley:


Looking forward to the reports.
Hope you both enjoy the tasting :+1:


@Nowt_in_my_glass and @Inbar in conversation with our Loire/Alsace/Portugal/South Africa buyer Jo Locke MW at today’s tasting.


By golly, I look far too serious!! :grimacing:
Thank you for the chance to taste such varied and wonderful wines, @Ewan! :+1: it was really lovely to meet you and @Nowt_in_my_glass and to talk to some of the buyers. I had a really fun time and got a big smile on my face (unlike my horrid expression in the photo!!) :grin:
We decided to split the notes, so that Simon will report on the even numbered ones, and I’ll do the odds… Will try to post something semi-coherent soon, but don’t expect the precision and detail of @Leah!! :grinning:
Ps - hope you have a safe journey back to Leeds, Simon :wink:


Home! What a day!! Thank you so much for the invite. I look I’m giving the full paxman :grimacing: hehe I’ll try and get something written up by the end of the week as i want to get it right! @ewan is such a legend for hosting!


Sorry to have missed it - looked like a great occasion. I wonder what the guy behind the hatch was tasting? :slight_smile: