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Summer Tastings & Events 2019


I was including the price of said tickets too…£35x2 + £20ishx 2 + an airbnb (or getting back very late) + the time off work to get across the north beforehand. Again I appreciate the north is quite a big place and most of the tastings are on the M62 corridor or A1 for a reason. It’s just that travelling across the north on public transport does tend to take a while. I know you’re not responsible for this but for anyone travelling this is a factor. For me getting from work to Leeds to Manc is quite a trip.

Oh absolutely, learning how to taste better etc is very valuable. My friend who actually joined the society on our recommendation went and was very happy. I guess if you’re going to try really unique or valuable wines it’s very useful - Cru burgundy, decent Bordeaux etc. Just as a comparison, the Yorkshire wine school offers something similar for around £25-£30 with nibbles, full presentation from WSET Dipl teachers etc - but I guess they don’t have to book hotel rooms and the transit of stock, glasses etc so fair dos.

Please don’t take this as pernickity criticism, i know you guys are working flat out to try and give everyone the best experience and as far afield as possible. Also, thank you for your very fast and attentive replies…not many other wine companies would take the time out to be so informative and give this type of communication, it really is appreciated! If anything, it’s a huge vote of confidence in you as we enjoy your events so much we want more of them :smile: :smile: :smile:


I’m considering going to this as I suddenly have quite an interest in Spanish wine.


The growers tastings are excellent! It’s so good to actually speak to the people who make the stuff. I think they are probably taken aback by the enthusiasm and questions from tws members.

Sometimes you get some interesting bottles just for tasting such as at the rhone growers. The 1990 crozes hermitage was :ok_hand:


Yes, that Thalabert alone was almost worth going to the tasting for… or that 2006 Cornas.


Oof and the white hermitage from perrin. Quite a special tasting that one, probably the best I’ve been to. I’ve got the spanish growers, leeds wine gang and the decanter fine wine before xmas. Oh and popping to vagabond wines for some enomatic play the night before…just to get my eye in.


I think you’ve hit on an element of ‘our society’ that hasn’t been mentioned before - whilst we are members (and by default shareholders) its a mutual society and we get to vote on resolutions, it is a commercial operation and therefore has commercially sensitive information that could benefit the competition. We are very lucky that as much gets shared as it does and I know people are only trying to help with something they love so much that they commit time to put finger to keyboard.

This then comes to the juxtaposition of the rules and commercial operations - we have the right to inspect the register of members but I don’t believe that transfers to the sharing of bulk data on location.

I’m looking forward to more events in the future - even in the heart of the country its not always feasible to get to an event…indeed the one in MK recently was on a date I wasn’t available :man_facepalming: - good luck with the events team expansion


And then of course there’s GDPR to consider. Think Cambidge Analytica if on a somewhat smaller scale. TWS needs to be very careful how they release data like this, even if it’s not actually attached to names.


very true - but a release of the first part of the postcode (possibly even more) would not mean a breach of GDPR.

my understanding is…If data not matched to a name - and with no way of being attributable to a person - is not a GDPR issue.


I’ve just bought tickets to the Spanish tasting in York. Let me know if you are also attending. Would be great to meet a fellow community member from up north.


Absolutely! :slight_smile: In fact there’ll be 3 of us there to chinwag with.

Did we ever establish the society’s secret handshake?


It’ll be me, the wife and a friend also - I think that is what they call a crowd.



Picking up on this thread very late, so apologies for that. I wonder if there are any plans to hold tastings in the far south west, i.e. Cornwall.


Looks a very interesting tasting. Shame it’s not coming further North - may have to make a trip down to the motherland!


We do visit there as often as we can - we actually are in Plymouth (not quite Cornwall, I know! But south-west at least) on 27th September for a Seafood and Wine Pairing dinner but we’re sold out unfortunately.

I’ve just had a peek at our plans for Q1 2020 and it looks like we’re hoping to be in Exeter, Bath and Bristol, if that helps! The brochure for this is mailing out around the end of September, I think.


@laura Thanks for your reply. I used to live in Bristol and have attended many tastings there so was looking for one closer to home now. Plymouth would be more manageable as there are late trains back to Cornwall :train2: