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Thalabert thoughts



Took me a little while to register the size of that bottle! Enjoy your Crozes :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Was that a gift purchase? Many of these are gift-boxed…for a price!


That is the Jeroboam currently on sale as part of TWS Christmas fine wine list (the box to the right is a standard TWS 6 bottle wine box for scale!). I assume this is just how it is shipped as the box is a Jaboulet box with the size and bottle details printed on it, as well as the Jaboulet name and crest.


They could have just put a hole in the 6 bottle case and let it stick out… :wink:


Please forgive my ignorance, but is this a 6 bottle sized Jeroboam or a double magnum sized Jeroboam?


It isn’t at all clear on the website, but it is the double magnum (300cl) sized Jeroboam. Arguably not the most efficient way of buying the wine, but by paying only one £5 corkage fee you (almost) make up the difference…plus you get the effect of walking in with a Jeroboam!


I completely understand and approve of your motives. Was just curious as to the actual size.


I am drinking a bottle of the 2014 tonight. It’s nice. However the 2016 I had a while back can only make it out as a distant speck in the rear view mirror by comparison.

And yes they are both too young, but quality will out.


Oops been away/sick.

It does sound a lot now I put it down ‘on paper’. But this is mainly me buying 12 bottles every year EP since 2005, plus a few older vintages where I can get my mits on them (including the 1990 when in stock at TWS which almost exploded my bank account). I just eed to start drinking.

Never actually had it, but would love to do a comparison. Maybe I sholud look for some 2015 as I hve some Maison Blue from that year, and if I can save up to add a bottle of La Chappelle to the mix I can do a horizontal (I will certainly be that after four bottles) in about 10 years’ time!

Are these still on? If so, 1/2 bottle of each then back for more of your fave!

I very rarely buy magnums as I never really have an occasion for them, so even larger formats are right out. I based 175 on what cellartracker tells me so I assume it would be 1 bottle there, which seems about right to me.

Anyway, I think the next step for me is to bite the bullet and draw down 3/ea of 05-12, make some notes and report back.


Sounds amazing, let us know if you need any assistance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In relative terms perhaps. I was thinking about northern Rhone vintages the other evening as one sometimes does, and thought to myself there hasn’t really been a duff one for at least a decade ( perhaps 2008 ). Not like the 80’s when maybe every other vintage left something to be desired !


So? Can we have an update please?
I’m dying to know if you’ve cracked the perfect year / ageing combination…


Well… I’m attempting dry January so no updates for the moment. Crazy I know! I might draw them out soon just to look :star_struck:


Now there’s a test of willpower :sweat_smile:


And compare the change in labels of course.


Can confirm changed in 2006. And again in 2007 it seems…