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The 2019 Christmas Fine Wine List is Here



Definitely a few more temptations in there!


Danger. Musar case. Trimbach Geisberg x3, the Voge Cornas, Coche-Bizouard and the 2012 Boxler. Thanks for that.


I found and ordered the Voge Cornas a couple of days ago for £60. It’s now £69!


It is £80 elsewhere, in bond.


So £60 duty paid seems a good price then! Max 3 bottles per member though.

I bought a case of the 2015 EP. Having never tried this wine seemed a timely opportunity.


Stupid prices for most things. But I guess that’s where we are nowadays…

Only thing that really caught my eye is the Slovenian refosk


Works out at £22 ea if one buys a 6 case. On my list ! very happy.

Many thanks to Leah for heads-up.


From past experience, do people think there will there be another Champagne offer before Christmas including other Champagnes or will this be it?


There’ll be others, I seem to remember @laura explaining this one had been released early to tie in with another offer.


Yes, thanks @StuartJ78, you’re quite right!

There’s a very tempting offer out next week… :eyes:


There’s a very tempting offer out most weeks…I’m running out of hiding spaces in the house :rofl:


You guys are going to make me bankrupt :sweat_smile:


Think one’s degree of enthusiasm is definitely related to how long one has been buying wine (and probably also remembering how much it used to cost!)

Have to say I’m fairly underwhelmed. Which is lucky, seeing as I already have way too much wine…


Yep, me too… In fact, they can’t be hidden any longer - I pretend they’re an extra insulation layer along the walls… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Your walls are now an extra 3-bottle width on all sides. All that cardboard must do a proper job!


Does anyone know if it is possible to gift wine from the Society to another members reserves? Or transfer from my own reserves to theirs?

Thinking it would make a nice Christmas gift…


Do a live chat with customer support, they will be able to advise.


For those who dont want the expense of Champagne, this crémant case has landed.


I can feel a supplementary order coming on. Thanks for the heads-up !


As I don’t think there has been enough moaning around here lately let me fill the gap.

What has happened to vintage port? There isn’t any on the Christmas fine wine list. Do not start on about all these lovely ports from the new millennium because I think the 1985s aren’t really ready yet and that is the solitary vintage port with any age offered by the wine society. And that has been loafing around on its own since the Taylor 85 (at a rather excitable price) disappeared about a year ago.

Come on, search the cupboards, look down the back of the sofa and get something else on the vintage port list. I might even buy it.