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The Dips thread



Why I ask the question? I found the original comment somewhat hurtful and was wondering whether I am too sensitive or it was meant that way. I guess it is normally the former.


What’s wrong with kale??? It’s as old as the hills and a great Scottish winter standby.

You can shred it and steam it and serve with a bit of stock, crushed toasted peanuts etc. You can fry it in strips! Etc. etc. (plus the above ideas too - the pesto sounds good).


Red Pepper dip
1 tall jar of red peppers. (Available in all good supermarkets).
1 block of good quality feta cheese
Black pepper to taste,
Whizz in a blender
Excellent with carrot sticks :smile:


{looks at watch whilst stomach rumbles } bit early for lunch…


Or alternatively, by red peppers cut into large flat slices, brush skin side with oil, place under hot grill skin up till skin is charred, place into plastic bag (tie bag) till cold, peel off charred skin then follow rest of recipe.


Salsa dip
I made this the other day and its great, just kind of made it up . It’s very spicy so if you don’t like the heat too much don’t add as many chilli’s.
7-8 large tomatoes
Handful of cherry tomatoes
8 cloves of garlic
12 (or so) green halapenos chillis
Large bunch of coriander
Black pepper
Couple of shallots or a red onion

Remove the stalks from the chillis.
Place the tomatoes, garlic and chilli’s either under the grill or on a BBQ and roast until the skin starts to turn black. Turn to cook all sides. This may take you a few batches.
Remove from the heat and then remove the blackened skins from the tomatoes.
Put half the skins in a blender and discard the others.
Remove the garlic from their skins and add to blender along with all other ingredients including the choriander.
Blitz up and enjoy the very fiery salsa.


I’ve a similar recipe and it includes a dash of red wine vinegar…it really does make a difference (but probably not allowed to be called salsa now!!)


Marrowfat Raita. (For lazy people)
-Tin of Marrowfat peas, drained.
-Pot of natural yoghurt
-Teaspoon of ready made mint sauce

Time to make- 30 seconds.
Blitz drained peas and mint sauce, 10 seconds. Add yoghurt, pinch of salt and black pepper, blitz for 5 seconds.
Serve lightly chilled with warm flatbreads and any wine you fancy.

Posh version. Reserve 3 Peas, use as a garnish with a sprig of mint leaves and twist of coarse black pepper.