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The NFL thread


Mayfield looks like a step forward, and part of the new generation,:grinning:


Bears Giants this evening, which if anyone’s interested in a bit of nostalgia, is a repeat of the first ever scheduled NFL Championship Game between the winners of the eastern & western divisions in 1933.

Be interesting to see if Kansas’ season unravels after the events of the week & the release of Hunt, though on paper a relatively easy match up against the Raiders this week.


Sorry I’m late but definitely in for next year. Go Pats!!!


I have just looked at the TMZ video of the incident.
Many, many years ago I vowed that no matter what the provocation, I would never hit a woman.
And I never have.
Maybe, in these “enlightened” times :open_mouth: where equality is rightfully demanded by women, then there can be a blurring at the edges of what is acceptable in 2018. Possibly some men concede equality, then behave as there is no demarcation as to who you can attack with your hand or foot.

Kareem Hunt, so it has been alleged was sacked for being untruthful with his KC Management, it may have been this error that got him his P45, rather than the brutality that he demonstrated last February.
To my mind Hunt should have been sacked the instant KC found out about it, as it turns out the KC Management are spineless and morally bankrupt by delaying the decision.
But that’s just me, we live in different times where the lines are blurred and an accidental contact or being misspoken can have a catastrophic effect upon one’s life. Make no mistake, I think overall society is better for it, but these days working say in an office might be a nightmare, with HR professionals making a fortune and administering policies that are open to abuse from all and sundry.


“Once more unto the breech, dear friends…!!”
And so we head towards the pointy end of the season.
Will your team make the playoffs?:smiley:
Are they in contention?:wink:
Or already planning their 2019 season?:open_mouth:

And so to this Sunday:

Ravens @ Chiefs Ravens 7-5, 3-3 on the road, Chiefs 10-2, 5-0 at home. Missing Hunt a factor?:open_mouth:
Eagles @ Cowboys Eagles 6-6, 2-3 on the road. Cowboys 7-5, 5-1 at home. 4W streak!!
Rams @ Bears Rams 11-1, 5-1 on the road. Bears 8-4, 5-1 at home. How windy can it be? :wink:

Vikings @ Seahawks Vikings 6-5, 2-3 on the road. Seahawks 7-5, 3-2 at home. A coin toss??:relaxed:

Another good Sunday in prospect?


Is nice to be involved this late in a season having been a while!

I think the Bears need 2 wins to secure a playoff berth. I am hoping we can beat the 49ers, so that leaves 1 of the Rams, Packers & Viking’s to beat.

Still potential for Bears Vikings in week 17 to be the NFC North decider…

Redzone is more wonderful than ever these last few weeks of the regular season as well.


Ravens @ Chiefs

A cracking game I followed Jackson though his career at Louisville. He was unbelievable.
Both these QB’s are brilliant and I sit on my larch lap, very very happy!! :wink::grinning:


What a fantastic game!
You could not make it up.
Splendid & scintillating, games like this is why we watch it!!:smiley::grinning:


Was a brilliant game. Must’ve been nervous after that missed FG at end of regulation though? :wink:

& did you see the end of the Pats Fins game?!! - 69yd TD on final play of game including 2 lateral passes to win game for Fins. Unbelievable!


Still got to catch up with the Pats game, Mr Bellichick’s face must have been a picture!!
And so, so sad for his lauded QB.
Someone should tell him to move out of the way, to allow the next generation to take their place!!
I’ve got the SKYMIX coverage recorded.:grinning:


Oops. Apologies for the spoiler :flushed:


Finally something for us Fins fans to cheer!! What a play. Just incredible.

I was watching it live on redzone and they only put it on so you could see the game peter out with the final play and the Pats win the division title.

I had to keep rewinding it to watch it again and again.

I was at Hard Rock Stadium last year to watch the Fins play the Pats and we beat them then too, although not quite so dramatic.


Still not seen the end of the Dolphin’s game, but will get there eventually.
Yesterday, was a great example of what the sport has to offer.
I loved it, I gave up on football years ago and I have Sky Sport and BT Sport.
And Thursday nights game to look forward to.
Chargers (10-3) @ Chiefs (10-2)


Not seen the end of the Chiefs game last night, saw 1st half!!
Maybe being a little controversial, but I do enjoy the BBC Tuesday round up far more than the Sky “Inside the Huddle.” The humour is really good, Mark Chapman seems to have found a niche and made for the BBC by the company Whisper Films that is partially owned by David Coulthard and Jake Humphrey.
They also do the CH4 coverage of F1GP which again I prefer to the Sky coverage.
Sadly next year on CH4, only highlights except for the Silverstone F1GP. A legacy from Bernie!!

Dolphins @ Vikings
Patriots @ Steelers
Eagles @ Rams

Saints @ Panthers

The Dolphins game should be good!!:smiley:


Redskins @ Titans
Chargers @ Ravens

Eagles @ Texans
Steelers @ Saints
Chiefs @ Seahawks

Broncos @ Raiders

A great selection for the runup to Christmas.


Hoping for the Steelers to beat the Saints and Rams to beat the Cardinals which will mean the battle for home field advantage between Rams and Saints goes into the final week and make for a great game when i fly to New orleans for the final game of the regular season.


Enjoy the game tonight @MrNXM.

Late window where most of the playoff permutations will unfold tonight, then the now customary win & you’re in SNF match up overnight.

Then looking ahead - next week one of the great sporting weekends: FA Cup 3rd Round & NFL Wildcard Weekend. Post Christmas blues? No chance!


Great few days in NOLA, just a shame that the Rams and Steelers couldn’t do their bit to make the game meaningful. Still a great experience going to see a game over there though. Only the 2nd time I’ve seen an NFL game over there rather than in London.

Definitely want to do it again.

Probably wont be the coming year, but if it were, I think I’d go to see the Bears play. Easy to get to Chicago from the UK. Proper old school team, playing well and a city desperate to see their team do well, plus a great city to visit and one I’ve not seen.

The other places I’d love to go to see NFL are

Green Bay (obvious reasons)
Cleveland - love how they have performed this season plus the fans
Kansas city - loudest place in NFL plus Mahomes.


I couldn’t argue with any of those venue selections - I’d possibly add Seattle as well due to the whole ‘12th man’ thing they have going on there. And it’s a pretty great-looking stadium. Pittsburgh would be pretty awesome too.

So, Wild Card weekend - what are your predictions?

I’m expecting wins for the Colts, Ravens, Seahawks and Bears…


Yeah, Seattle and Pittsburgh both good options.

I’m going for Colts, Ravens, Bears and Cowboys.