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The NFL thread


My predictions are Texans(sorry @Bargainbob), Seahawks, Ravens & :crossed_fingers:Bears.

Not a patch on going to a game in the states, but I do have my Covent Garden bar SuperBowl ticket :grinning:


I’m enjoying Wild Card weekend so far :grin:


I am officially in celebration mode


Hope to be joining you late tonight! :crossed_fingers:


Though I note my first 2 predictions were wrong :grimacing:


I didn’t watch all of the Seattle v Dallas game last night but it looked like the Cowboys played fantastic defence. And the Seahawks stuck with the run when it wasn’t really working. Pete Carroll will have some regrets this morning.

We should have 2 great games later on today! I’m expecting the defences to dominate, which points to wins for the Ravens and Bears, but I think both games will be very close.


Yes, think you’re right about the Seahawks. Watched highlights this morning and there only real progress seemed to be when Wilson pulled the trigger.

Also agree re today’s games. Gonna be a long, tense evening…


If this was a boxing match, the ref would have stopped the fight. The Chargers are killing them!


Beginnings of a Rocky style fight back for a short while there!

This last one is gonna be tight :grimacing:


Yeah my last post did not age well. It was a bit of a nail biter in the end!

Defences are very much on top in Chicago. Tense is the word!


That was some game.
6 uprights in a season! Unbelievable!


After staying up until about 3am on Saturday night watching Seattle @ Dallas, and with work looming on Monday morning, I had to call it a night at half time last night. It sounds as if the second half was quite a bit better than the first!

Absolutely dreadful way to lose the game, and you’ve got to feel for Parkey. Apparently an Eagles defender got a fingertip on the ball - and that’s the fine margin that pushed it on to the post. And the crossbar. Truly awful luck!


remind me not to bet based on your predictions!!


Or bet but based on the opposite!


Predictions for this weekend?

It’s really hard.

I’m going for Colts, Rams, Patriots and Saints, although it was a coin flip for the Colts and Patriots.


I think the Colts have a chance this weekend, but taking on the Chiefs offence in that stadium is going to be really tough. They will be by far the best offence we’ve played this year, and I think they’ll be a bit too strong. After that though, I’d pick the Rams, Pats and Saints as well. Should be great games again this weekend!


I agree with much of what you say re Chiefs and on paper they win it but thought i had to go for one away team to win.

Colts are on fire and Chiefs have potent offence with young quarterback who has been magnificent this season. However, he’s unproven in playoff games and those fans will start to panic if the Colts go into the lead. They know their recent playoff record is a nightmare.

I think if the Chiefs have a good start they’ll relax and win, but if not I fancy the Colts.


And there’s a chance that this may be in the minds of some of the Chiefs who were around the last time the teams met in the playoffs:


the famous Luck fumble recovery TD!


Brace yourselves. I’ll announce my predictions a little later, so make sure your online betting accounts are topped up with funds :wink::joy: