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The NFL thread


I’m going Colts Rams Saints Chargers…


This is the outcome I want to see. I would be so happy to see us take down the Chiefs, and if it didn’t result in a match against the Pats then I’d be over the moon. Don’t get me wrong, the Chargers are a really good team and I’m not confident we’d beat them, but I dread every game against Bellichick. Every Colts - Pats game reminds me of United’s Champs League finals against Barcelona. We might play well but still get absolutely schooled.


This is excruciating


So the Pats make it through again to set up a great game against the Chiefs.

The sensible money will be on the Chiefs to win that at Arrowhead now they have exorcised their playoff hoodoo but never bet against Brady and Big Bad Bill.

Saints look so strong at home and my money is on them to reach the superbowl.

I’m going for a Saints v Pats superbowl.


It was a slightly disappointing divisional round - only the Eagles @ Saints game was totally engaging. Fair play to the Chiefs and the Patriots, who both proved themselves to be worthy of the home field advantage. The Colts got off to a slow start and it felt like the game was essentially over by half time. That Chiefs offence will just carve you up if you’re not on your game, and their defence rose to the occasion as well. The Pats were similarly excellent, and took advantage of a Chargers defence that didn’t play at its best.

Things were clearly tighter in the NFC, and I really thought the Eagles were going to pull out another incredible win on that last drive. It would have been undeserved though. After the first 10 minutes the Saints were much the better team and really should have wrapped it up much earlier. I didn’t see the Rams game but it sounds as if the game wasn’t as close as the scoreline suggests.

It’s the right teams in the final 4, and no coincidence that they’re run by the 4 best head coaches. Next weekend’s games should be great. I’ll be rooting for the home teams and hoping for Chiefs v Saints in the Super Bowl. I really don’t want the Patriots in the Super Bowl again!!


I’m also rooting for chiefs v saints but have a horrible feeling that the pats are just going to do it again.


Agree entirely with this sentiment. Fully behind the Chiefs on Sunday!


Damn. That didn’t turn out the way I would have liked.


2 great games, even if would have preferred the reverse results.

No call at end of 4th quarter harsh on Saints.

Pats just keep on breaking hearts…


Yeah, Saints were robbed. How they didn’t get that penalty is beyond me.

Brady is Brady. You just knew it was gonna happen.

The only silver lining is if the Pats win it (and I wouldn’t bet against them) then he may actually finally retire, then the Dolphins with their new (yet to be appointed) head coach will become the dominant force in that division and go on to reach the superbowl in Miami next year. That may possibly be wishful thinking though.


By the time the game kicked off, my allegiance had switched from the Saints to the Rams, and I’m glad to see that we’ll have at least one young quarterback in the Super Bowl. That was a truly horrible non-call for pass interference at the end of the game for the Saints though. To lose the game on a play like that is really harsh.

Not taking anything away from what was clearly an excellent game, but the Pats win was all too predictable in the end. You just knew they’d find a way to get it done. They needed a bit of luck with the Dee Ford penalty but you just can’t make mistakes like that.

Damn you Brady! A Rams v Chiefs Super Bowl would have been amazing. At least I know for sure which team I’ll be rooting for this way…


I love this, by the way. I won’t be putting money on it happening but it would be amazing if it did!


Yeah, that may be a bit optimistic. 'm just hoping that we finally get a head coach that can get us to the playoffs and maybe even a quarterback.

The days of Shula and Marino are a vague and distant memory.

I think only the Lions and Browns have had it worse in that period, and the Browns are about to turn it around.


Yeah, it’s definitely been a bleak couple of decades for the Fins. Apart from the odd season where things have just clicked, they’ve mainly felt like a team without a true identity. The lack of a quality QB is no doubt a huge part of that. Was Marino really the last genuinely good Miami QB?

Don’t forget the Jets and Bills! The Jets haven’t made a Super Bowl since they won it with Namath in the 60’s, and have only had a handful of playoff appearances. The Bills have done nothing since that run of Super Bowl losses in the 90’s.


2019 London games announced


What do you think of the lineup? There are good teams there - Bears, Rams and Texans stand out. I can’t really point to a particularly exciting looking game though. Maybe Panthers/Bucs or Texans/Jags? Bears and Rams are the two teams I’d be most interested in watching, but you’d expect them to be much too strong for the Raiders and Bengals…


Yes, there has not been one decent QB in Miami since Marino. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Just checked the playoff drought records. It really is grim reading.

Fins haven’t won a playoff game for 18 years.

Only teams worse than Miami are Bengals, Lions, Bills and Browns.

They haven’t reached the AFC championship game since 1992. Only teams worse than that - Bengals, Redskins, Lions and Browns.

Haven’t reached the superbowl since 1984. Only teams worse are Lions, Jets, Chiefs, Browns and Vikings.


Yes I’d agree.
Obviously I’m attracted by the Bears, and as you say, Rams be good to see, but no standout ‘marquee’ matchups on paper.


In the same way that the Patriots’ level of continued and sustained brilliance is impressive, in a league where the rules are designed to promote competition and maintain a level playing field through the draft and salary cap etc, it’s sort of amazing that some franchises just never seem to be any good. The Browns were obviously cursed when they fired Belichick and the franchise moved to Baltimore, but what’s the Lions’ excuse?


No idea, especially in the Barry Sanders era.