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The NFL thread


Yep, and Jameis Winston too. I’m expecting much better things from now on!

I think week 1 was a bit of an anomaly. Of the 16 players taken in the first 2 rounds of our draft, only 4 had a decent performance.:smirk:


Lets call week 1 a preseason!!!

Really looking forward to the Raiders vs NY Jets. Has all the makings of a big win for the Raiders. Got a feeling Lynch is going run riot.


I couldn’t agree more - it could well be a 40+ point victory. The Jets aren’t bad up front on Defence, but have nothing at all on Offence.
I think the most fun game to watch this week could be New England @ New Orleans. Two exciting offences, no defences at all. Could be a 100 point game!!


or could have been called … “this is why NFL players don’t play rugby”


Am a big fan.
For us this time of year is feast, with Feb -Aug being famine.
I will admit that I get as much fun watching the College Football coverage on ESPN (BT Sport) as the Sky coverage, the latter not lighting a spark in my sporting soul.
Rugby Union is my first love, no surprises there.
I have really enjoyed the BBC twice weekly NFL shows, Mark Chapman for me has been a revelation but his two NFL accomplices have set a new high bar in making this type of program not just fun but also thoughtful. Well done BBC and also Whisper Films who make it for the BBC. Note that David Coulthard and Jake Humphreys are also major shareholders and they do the CH4 F1GP coverage.
I will keep an eye on the thread, and get an inkling on the game.


Also a big NFL fan.
Chicago Bears my team, as my dad briefly lived there (well before my existence!). Would love one day to see a game at Soldier Field.
4th quarter coverage on NFL Redzone 8-9pm on a Sunday wonderful viewing.
Agree with @Taffy-on-Tour that a lot of enjoyment to be had from the college game as well. Always amazed by the crowds the college games attract, and really enjoy the bowl season over xmas & new year.


I could not agree more.
My problem is that I do not have anywhere enough time to watch all my recorded games.
My latest wheeze is to dump them in the deleted folder of my Sky+box.
My thought process was that would free up space and I could still be watching games in May.
Sky then did a software update and they were all deleted. Grrhhhh!!!
But will try again this year.


Game Pass has been a revelation for me this year. Other than the couple of games that are blacked out for 24 hours (those shown on Sky), I can watch any game at any time. It’s been especially helpful for the Chiefs as they have played a number of late games this year. As long as I can avoid social media for a full day, I can usually re-watch their game w/o adds the following night. All of this said, it’s a pretty penny for Game Pass, but I can justify it to myself as I don’t have Sky (that’s a good enough reason, right?).


I was toying with the idea of ditching Sky and getting Game Pass this year, but figured that I still like having Premier League and Cricket etc so decided not to in the end. Will definitely look at it again for next year though.

So, Kansas City look like the best team in the league by quite a distance at the moment. Great fun to watch, too. You must be loving it, Justin! I don’t want to jinx them, but if I had to put money on it today I’d be betting on a KC vs GB Superbowl.


I’m trying not to get too excited about the Chiefs’ chances. We’ve had a few good years recently, but rarely hold our own in the playoffs. I’m also fearful that one of these days the Pats are going to remember how to play defense. :worried:


How quickly things change! :frowning:
As soon as I say that KC could win it all, they promptly lose a couple of games. And Green Bay look completely lost now that Rodgers is out.

I still think KC are very much in the mix in the AFC, along with the Steelers (who suddenly look very difficult to beat) and the Pats, who now have a Defence! As for the NFC, it looks wide open but the Eagles, Cowboys and Seahawks are probably the favourites. I like the look of the Saints and Vikings too.


The season seems to be so evenly balanced that “almost” anyone can beat the opposing team. Exceptions to that might be the Browns, the 49er’s and the unfortunate Giants.
The last of the 4 International games this weekend at Twicker’s.
I really hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a rout or blowout.
To have a sporting weekend that gives me a number of live college games, 4 live NFL games, a F1GP race AND the 4 Welsh Pro14 teams going head to head, is my version of "died and gone to Sporting Heaven!"
So just for fun, what’s is your perfect sporting weekend?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey, don’t forget my Colts in that list of teams who can’t beat anyone! I think you can add the Cardinals to the list too now that Palmer is done for the year.

I was so tempted to get tickets for one of the UK games but didn’t in the end. As it turns out, I’m glad I didn’t. They’ve all been blowouts, and it’s hard to see the Browns keeping things close against Minnesota this weekend.

For me, the dream sporting weekend happens in early January each year, and the 2018 version should be a corker. FA Cup Round 3 - the only weekend of the year where I put money down on a football accumulator (a few years ago I put a £10 bet on and won enough for 4 day skiing trip!), and just a romantic couple of days of football. It’s almost nostalgic, in that pitch conditions are often dreadful, the weather’s poxy, floodlights are on etc. and there are lots of games televised… Magic. Add to that it’s either the last weekend of the regular season in the NFL, so a bit of a nailbiter, or it’s Wild Card weekend, so 4 televised playoff games. Oh, and if England happen to be over in Australia competing for The Ashes at the same time, well that’s fine by me!

Out of curiosity, where do you watch College Football?


Was just about to say the same weekend! In 2018, as well as the FA Cup & NFL Wildcard games, the Monday night of that weekend (if you stretch things a bit) is the College National Championship Game as well.

Another favourite weekend of mine occurs every 2 years - The Ryder Cup.


Hi Bob,

I got an 18 months deal for BT Sport @£10 / month.
I don’t know how good this was but I do get the “BrucieBonus” of the Down Under Ashes series this winter?


Absolutely 100%. I generally don’t have the patience to watch golf tournaments, although the Masters is generally pretty good value, but I could literally watch every minute of the Ryder Cup when it’s on. When Europe are competitive, that is (the last one was a bit too one-sided, sadly)


Yeah, I think I’m going to have to sign up this year. I’ll probably have to pay more than that though. We’ve got Sky in the living room as well as the kitchen, and often find myself banished there to watch the sport so will probably need to add it in both rooms at twice the cost.


I find offering to do the ironing (in front of the sport) is a surefire way for sport-watching to become an acceptable pastime. Efficiency is measured on time per basket of ironing - acceptable levels are one basket in 70 mins (hockey), 80 mins (rugby, either code), 90 mins (league football), up to 120 mins (cup football) … she draws the line at test match efficiency levels, though.


I think those boundaries can be tested - you could always go for the 3 hour duration of an NFL game, surely?

We have a similar housework-based system in operation, although I draw the line at ironing. Much of my time on autumn Sundays is spent labouring over the production of a roast dinner. I also do a bit of kitchen cleaning etc. This tends to guarantee me a chunk of undisturbed time in front of sport, invariably with a glass or several of something vinous. Bargainwife seems to accept this, provided the roast potatoes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The system has proved so successful that I now do virtually all the cooking. I think I may have overshot, slightly.


There are often offers for BT Sport via Groupon/Wowcher and alike. Doesn’t seem to be any at the mo but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few appear before the ashes series starts, which will of course also cover the college bowl season.

Annoyingly they charge a separate multi room fee, on top of the Sky multi room payment though.