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The NFL thread


Now that was funny!:blush:


The fantasy gods have been toying with me this year. 1st in our work league. Last in the Community league. Blegh. How are you all doing in your other leagues?

Community league

Work league


I feel like I’ve been a bit lucky in our league. I’m sitting pretty in first place, but my team is only 4th in points scored. I keep getting bailed out by my defence, Gronk, and a random player having a big week. Fingers crossed I’ll carry on being this lucky for a few more weeks!

Generally speaking I’m doing alright in every league - I’m hanging around the playoffs at least. It’s been a really tough year though. I took David Johnson with the no.1 pick in two leagues, and then watched him get injured in week 1 and be out for every game since. I’m in a league where you start 2 QBs each week, and managed to get Rodgers, Mariota and Luck in the draft. Rodgers is now out for the year, Mariota has been pretty bad since he got a hamstring pull a few weeks ago, and Luck won’t play all season! I’m squeaking by with a combination of Carr, Dalton, Mariota, and I’m starting Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. Desperate times!


Looking at the above two leagues, I am nothing if not consistent. 5th place in each, 5 & 4 in each! Hoping for a turnaround against @Bargainbob / Dave / CabFrancGore this week!


Oof. That’s a pretty rough line-up compared to who you drafted. I like the Fitzpatrick play this week though. Hopefully he’ll put up revenge-game numbers against his old team.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you get the win this weekend, @Ewan . Most of my better players are against tough opponents and I’m due a week where it all falls apart!


Yeah, I think Fitz might do ok this week. I’d feel a bit better about it if Mike Evans was playing, but at this point I think Fitz might actually be better than Jameis Winston. At least I haven’t got desperate enough to start Osweiler!

As for your team @Justin I don’t understand how that roster is 1-8! You must have just been unlucky with who you chose to start. Pretty sure you’ll get the win this weekend anyway.


My Fantasy NFL season has essentially ended. Knocked out in the first round of the playoffs in both of the leagues I really cared about. I was up against Todd Gurley and his 4 Touchdowns in both. What are the chances?

The NFC is just incredible this year. It’s a real shame that Wentz got injured, but the Eagles season isn’t over yet and they could still get to the Superbowl. Then again, so could the Vikings, Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Rams… maybe even the Cowboys? The playoffs should be fantastic!


Your fantasy season lasted a week longer than mine then :grinning:. Imploded from 6-2 to 7-7 in my league :flushed:

Agree NFC great this year. As for the AFC…

Amazing game between Steelers & Pats on Sunday. I know by the current rules it wasn’t a TD for steelers at end but the actual rule stinks almost as much as the ‘tuck rule’ IMO.


The AFC as a whole is pretty disappointing, but the top teams are right up there. Alongside the top two, the Chargers and Jags look good enough to beat anyone when the mood takes them. If the Chiefs can reclaim the form they showed at the start of the season they’re up there too.
Pats - Steelers was great and I’m gutted about that catch call too. It’s ridiculous. The replay isn’t being used to overturn bad calls, it’s so they can forensically analyse to overturn perfectly good plays.


Has anyone started putting together their Superbowl wine + snacks order yet?

exactly 1 month to go :slight_smile:


No, but I’ve drawn the Vikings in the office sweepstake - decent half chance of a win, I suppose.

(And isn’t it beer & chips, rather than wine & snacks?)


As a change from the usual house gathering, this year a friend and I are trying out Joes Southern Bar in Covent Garden for the Superbowl. So it’s American beer and Southern fried chicken wings all the way for us!


Jags @ Steelers is the best game I’ve seen this year. Lots of momentum shifts, big plays, and at this point with Jags leading 35-21 I still wouldn’t put money on who’s going to win.

Anyone planning on going to one of the London games this autumn? Great lineup, but Eagles @ Jags looks like the main event to me. Could even be a Super Bowl rematch!


Late to this chat, only just signed up to the community, Im a New orleans Saints fan, have been for the last 35 years. Not long to kick off. Im quietly optimistic we could win the super bowl again this year.


Hey Chris, welcome to the Community!
I’ve really enjoyed watching the Saints this year. They’re in the top 5 for me. It’s a really tough road to the Super Bowl though - on the road against Minnesota and Philadelphia? If you win both of those, you shouldn’t fear anyone in the Super Bowl. Even if it’s the Pats!


Jags @ Steelers a great game. Amazing Jags notch up 45 after only managing 10 v Bills. Very questionable onside kick decision by Steelers with timeouts & 2min warning remaining though.

Welcome to Community Chris. I’m a Saint tonight! (Bear usually).


Hawks Raiders I think.


The onside kick was a hell of a gamble, but when you think about what the alternative was it’s understandable. There was less than 3 minutes left, and the Jags had no problem moving the ball in their previous 2 possessions - if they don’t go for the onside kick, they’re pinning their hopes on a 3 and out, then travelling maybe 80 yards in 2 minutes against that defence…
The kick itself was laughably bad though!

Great start for the Vikings. I think the winner of this game will play the Pats in the Super Bowl.


2 outstanding games tonight.
Amazing finish there.
Gonna be tired tomorrow!