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The NFL thread


So we’re now just 3 days away from some NFL action! Woo-hoo! I really can’t wait for it, to the extent that I’ve started re-watching old episodes of ‘America’s Game’ recently just to give myself a desperately needed NFL fix.

It’s a huge relief to see that Andrew Luck is participating fully in practices and should be ready to go for the start of the season. The Colts are a completely different proposition when he’s playing, and we’ll go from being at best a 4-win team to one that could even make the playoffs.

I’ve got myself tickets for the Jags-Eagles game at Wembley in October. Is anyone else going to any of the UK games this year?

Also, is anyone interested in getting involved in a TWS Community Fantasy League? I’m happy to set one up if there are enough takers.


Looking forward to it here too.
First chance to see how the Bears development is going as well…
I succumbed to the lure of GamePass around Draft time so have been watching a fair bit of NFL Network recently to add to my preseason hype!
Am involved in a fantasy league, but certainly be happy to join another if there’s a few up for it.


There’s quite a bit of buzz about the Bears this year - the defense was really good last year and should be again, and Trubisky showed flashes of his first round potential that he should be able to build on. And he’s actually got some weapons around him this year! Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and (if he can stay fit) Kevin White is a dangerous group of receivers. I think Trey Burton is a great addition at tight end, and you’ve got a good pair of running backs as well. The competition is really tough in that division though - the Vikings and Packers both look like contenders for the NFC title.



With the Cricket, the Rugby season, the F1GP Championship, the NFL and the College Season AND all the other stuff that I am involved in, it is hard to keep up with all of it.
And “talk” of a few week long trips to Europe this autumn!!
“Poor Me,” was the cry!! lol
I have BT Sport for the College stuff and Sky for the NFL, where is the rest and how much??!!


There’s the Ryder Cup in September as well!
As long as you have Sky and BT you’ve pretty much got the lot in terms of live action. There’s an online subscription package that @woodap referred to called NFL Game Pass through which you can watch any game live, as well as extended highlights and access to NFL Network programming etc. I was toying with the idea of canning Sky Sports and going with Game Pass instead, but I figured I’d miss ‘proper’ football and cricket etc.

@woodap - do you think GamePass is worth the money? It’s about £120 per year, right?


NFL GamePass allows you to choose your game on a Sunday evening (the SkySports games are blacked out for about 24hours though), and watch either full replays or 40minute highlight replays of any game, plus NFL Network live and various programmes on demand.
I find it great for watching the game of choosing, particularly if the Sky game is a blowout, and for catching up on proper highlights of other games.
It is on PC or mobile app and can be Chromecasted to TV with good results (?apple tv also).
approx £140 per year is the cost.


I find myself switching to Red Zone pretty quickly if the Sky game is a blowout. It’s fantastic entertainment, but the frequent switching between games does mean that you don’t really get to enjoy the ebb and flow as much. I’m going to try and stick with the live games more this year.


See above.

Just about, yes. Particularly if your team is doing well second half of season then you can watch all their games live. I also find watching the highlights of the overnight games (then the full replay of 4th quarter if close) means I can watch more games without risking divorce!

They used to offer a reduced rate half way through season as well.

Lots of documentaries on there also from NFL Films, though quite possible you will have seen many of them before.


First trip of season to Elland Road on Sunday, so will likely be watching the Hall of Fame game replay on the train on way home


@Bargainbob @woodap @robert_mcintosh

For clarity, the total sum of my level of enthusiasm for Footie might easily be inscribed on the head of a pin, leaving more than enough room for the Complete and Unabridged Works of that Shakespeare Chap and the venerated Ms Rowling’s scribbles!! lol!?!


I’m finding myself increasingly disillusioned with it, having been a fan for as long as I can remember, and a player for about 25 years. The great World Cup has revived my interest a bit though to be honest. Mourinho is of course just about to undo that…

I reserve my complete disinterest for F1. There are other sports I’m not too fussed about but I can still appreciate, but F1 just doesn’t register with me at all - round and round and round for an hour and a half with the only interesting bits being the very start, and then the intrigue of how many times they’ll stop on the way round, and whether the car breaks. I’ll pass!


Re NFL GamePass, just in case anyone was tempted, they now offer payment via 4 instalments, rather than a single lump sum. (Same overall cost), which did influence my decision to renew.


Khalil Mack is a Bear!! Huge deal and appears we have given up 2 first round draft picks to get him from the raiders.


I’m toying with the idea of taking my son to the US for an NFL game this year. looking at the last game of regular season so on school Xmas hols.

Looking at the games for that week have narrowed it down to

(1) Green Bay (could be a nightmare to get tickets but wow, that is proper, hardcore, snow and cheesehead NFL stuff) and combine with a couple of nights in Chicago.

(2) New Orleans, should be a great season for the saints and great city to visit.

(3) Pittsburgh. Again, proper hardcore cold end of season NFL game and Steelers will be good again.

(4) Minnesota. Great stadium, can they make up for last years self destruct button?

Neither Pittsburgh and Minnesota are a great city for a tourist so again would probably have to make it a 2 city stop and go via NY for a couple of nights.

For pure end of season authentic NFL experience Green Bay or Pittsburgh are first choices but if only going for 4 nights the 2 city thing may just be a bit too much so current thinking is go for New Orleans.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


Are the Bears now a genuine contender? I think if they were in the AFC you’d back them to reach the playoffs and feel confident about it. The NFC is so loaded though - they might still only be the 3rd best team in the division!! It’s a great move though. If Trubisky plays well this year - the running game looks solid and the defence is loaded - then it should be the best Bears team for a long time.



If it was me, Green Bay every time but like you say - tickets very, very difficult!!


I’ve never been to the US but friends of ours visited New Orleans this summer and raves about it. If you’re only there for a few days then I think Nola would be a great shout. I’m not sure how feasible getting tickets for GB would be - I have a feeling every game is a 100% sellout so you’d probably pay a fortune for tickets. And like you say, there’s not much there! I don’t know that Milwaukee is exactly a thriving metropolis either, so you’d have a fair commute from your base to get to the game.
I suppose the Bears are on the road that week? Not tempted by a New York game?


NFL attendances have been dropping over the last couple of years, so tickets are available, articles like this are easily found.


Looks like you can get tickets for any game incl Green Bay but they are official resale tickets so above face value.

So I think it’s between New Orleans which is an easier one stop trip and Green Bay with a couple of days in Chicago, then fly in to Green Bay in the evening for the game the following day and then fly home from Green Bay via Chicago or NY.

While New Orleans is the easier option there is something special about Green Bay that makes me think the extra flight and hassle is worth it.

I dont fancy a game in NY. We’ve been to NY a number of times over the years and I love it there but want to see something new in the US plus I want to go to a game where the home team is likely to be playing for something in the postseason to help make the atmosphere special.
So looks like choice between GB and NO at the moment, although Pittsburgh is still appealing too! Confused!!


I’d like to think we are.
As you say though, in a tough division and NFC as a whole wide open as well.
V strong D line now and I think overall the offense is in better shape than our last great year when the defence (& Hester) took us to the super bowl.
I guess we’ll know more after next sunday night v Green Bay…