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The NFL thread


I would fancy Minnesota but Winter there can be ferocious.
I read several thriller writers who base their books in Minneapolis/St Paul so in my head am already familiar with the region. But not in their winter and lots of people come to a sticky end according to the authors. LOL :unamused:
Maybe New Orleans as a destination might be the best plan, so long as the weather forecast is ok.
But with the current political situation there, personally I would give it a body swerve, but that’s just me.
Maybe a few games in London with all the sights to see and the restaurants to visit would be my better bet.


I don’t particularly think a trip to the US was on the cards for us in the near future, but I’m shelving plans for a visit until they’ve sorted their political act out a bit (of course I’m not suggesting that things are all that great here either!)

I’ve got a ticket for the Eagles @ Jags game at Wembley this October. I would definitely recommend going to a uk game for any NFL fan! Awesome experience.


I’m doing it. Gonna book for New Orleans and go to the last game of regular season against the Panthers.

They may have a nutter for President but I love the USA and it’s a great place to visit. I’ve been to New York, Boston, Washington, Miami, L.A., San Francisco, Vegas so New Orleans and Chicago were next on my list of US cities to see.


It should be a terrific game, something to look forward to.


And the 2018-19 season starts!!
Watching the cricket with last nights game recorded.
So with the NFL and the College games, so much to look forward to.
I really enjoy the light-hearted BBC highlights coverage, far better than the dirge that Sky broadcasts.


Game on!


Watched the 49ers game, very enjoyable.
This time of year is always a time of excess with NFL, CFB, GPF1, and the rag end of the Cricket season. The next few days to catch up with the recorded Sunday and tonight’s game.
And all the other things I have to do such as check to see what has been released by the Society.
Fear is a wonderful motivator!! lol


I’ve had a very busy week so time to catch up on this weeks games was at a premium.
Loved the KC game, they may well do well this season.
Aaron Rodgers was amazing, he is so top drawer.
And the Giants were ever thus, another long season for Manning and a frustrating one for Beckham. Maybe the sheer mass of their overloaded wallets that may be slowing them down is their problem!! lol!
But a good season in prospect and with the Singapore F1GP and the AF tomorrow, I am going to have to get organised vis-à-vis comestibles and my wine selection. Now that’s the sort of dilemma most of us like to have!!


Already looks to be an intriguing season.

Who’d have thought the Steelers would be winless after 2?

The Browns look better than they have in years but still cannot find a way to win a game.

NFC South promises to be a stormer this year.


Enjoyed the KC game, 6TD’s and a ropey defence. They will be a very enjoyable watch.
No sympathy for Brady and Belichick, 0-2 is a great start to their season but no doubt they will bounce back. After “spygate” and “deflategate” amongst others (allegedly six), I would have tossed the lot of them out of the NFL.


They are 1-1 unfortunately. As a long suffering Dolphins fan, I would love them to be 0-2.



Wishful thinking!


Indeed. They have blighted my enjoyment of the NFL for years. I have barely seen my team reach the playoffs since the Marino era due to the Pats standing in the way.

Dynasties were not meant to be able to last this long in American sport.


As a Colts fan, I too have little but contempt for the Pats. It’s mingled with a grudging respect though, similar to what I had for Liverpool FC in the '80’s. They are clearly masters of the dark arts as Deflategate and Sypgate proved, but Belichick has also been simply the best roster-builder in the salary cap era, as well as being tactically ahead of every other coach in the league (with the possible exception of Andy Reid offensively). Their brilliance is thoroughly boring, but their performances sadly aren’t. That said, it definitely feels like the era is ending. I don’t remember seeing them get as comprehensively beaten as they were on Sunday.

Great to see the Colts get the win this weekend! Luck looks like pre-injury Luck, and based on what I saw he will actually have the support of a competent defense this year! A miracle!

Lots of big results this weekend - losses for the Steelers and Eagles; the Saints merely scraping a win at home against the rather solid but then utterly hapless Browns… The Chiefs look pretty amazing so far, and I deeply regret picking Mariota instead of Mahomes as my backup fantasy QB :unamused:


I would have liked to have seen the Chiefs game this evening, but picking games must be a thankless task. I may be surprised!!
Today, a relatively quiet sporting Sunday, next weekend the Sochi F1GP, the Ryder Cup and another NFL schedule.
And to the surprise of most, a win for the almost “hapless” Browns. You couldn’t make it up.
BTW, I for one really enjoy the BBC’s highlights programs.
Fun and informative, who’d have thunk it!?!


It’s been coming. They pushed two very good teams very close in the first 2 games (steelers and saints) so when faced with the pretty poor jets it wasn’t a huge shock.


The KC game could well be an 80-point classic, but I’m not too disappointed with Sky’s choices. NO vs ATL is a big game between two good teams, and the battle of LA should be pretty good too. The Rams should be too strong for the Chargers but you can’t write Rivers off.

I don’t know if either of you play Fantasy NFL. I do and having a bit of a nightmare. My top 3 running backs are Devonta Freeman, Joe Mixon and Jay Ajayi - all three are out injured. :cry:


Watching Red Zone on Sky Mix for the first time.
Oh boy, really terrific!
Just saw Mahones throw an escapology TD that Joe Montana would have been proud of.
GF away this weekend, so Lamb Shank, mashed potato, Yorkies, carrots and a bottle of Exhibition Crozes 2015 later on.
Should be fun to compare it against the full bottle of “Jalets 2015” that we tried midweek!


Red Zone is basically the best TV program of all time. Non-stop fantastic action!

Slow cooked pork belly with a fennel, garlic and black pepper rub, washes down with a 2013 Vino Nobile. If the Colts win this may actually be heaven.


Early window 4th quarter Redzone one of the finest hours of TV.
Feel your fantasy pain @Bargainbob. Only just managed a team this week and now AJ Green injured as well.
Bills & Redskins making my night so far though!