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The NFL thread


The next few years are definitely going to be interesting and we’re probably ready for a changing of the guard. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brees, Rivers, Eli, Big Ben, Brady are all gone by 2020. The signs are good for this new group that will replace them though - Mayfield, Darnold, Allen and Rosen have all shown flashes already, and everything I hear about Jackson suggests he’s going to be a dual threat to rival Vick or Newton. There really aren’t many teams with a bad starting QB at the moment, and I’m not sure if that’s ever been true since the 60s or 70s? Ignoring the rookies who haven’t had the experience yet, who would you say is the worst starting QB in the league at the moment? Trubisky would presumably be one of the candidates, and he threw 6 TDs and looked like a superstar yesterday! Prescott? Mariota?


I must put my hands up and say that my current in-depth knowledge of the NFL disqualifies me from answering your question.
What I would say is that any QB starting for an NFL team must have demonstrated a bucketful of true talent before they were allowed anywhere near a football field. The scouting and selection process in the NFL makes winning the lottery a doddle. The competition from one’s own generation is prodigious but also from players cut from other teams rosters. And the investment by your team in one to one coaching, the dedication, the athletic prowess and the ability to memorise a playbook the size of “War & Peace” that is just the norm, maybe 2-3 years on the side-line before you get to play in some cases. Didn’t Steve Young and Aaron Rogers have to wait their turn or have iffy starts before they became the players we all admired.
These guys are all very special, maybe they never get a chance to demonstrate it to us, the paying public but they will have to, to their teams. Well, that’s my inconsequential opinion!

I wonder sometimes when people say that F1 racing drivers are non-athletes, but when you drill down and see how closely they are monitored by their teams for their athletic ability, and that’s before they get into a simulator. Years ago there was a program called “Superstars” and the winners quite often were F1 racing drivers who performed their sport sat down!!:wink:


Not a bad game last night!!:wink:


Fun watching this QB.
No doubt he will crash at some point, but that’s sport.
An upside is that the 1st game on Sky on Sunday evening will be Jacksonville @ Chiefs.
The Jags are 3-1 so far so will be no pushover.
And with the Japanese F1GP with allegedly the prospect of some rain, lots to look forward to!


Another 300 yard game for Mahomes.
KC this year are an absolute juggernaut!!
And Mahomes has so many weapons to use, it must be difficult for opposing defence co-ordinators to plan against.
They are fun to watch!


London, the Seahawks v the Raiders. The weather may not be good, hopefully the game will be.

The BBC have split their coverage, so be careful if recording it, 1st 2 hours BBC2 and then the Red Button!?!

The late game :open_mouth: KC at the Patriots.
I have always been a bit of a night owl, thinking nothing of staying up for an election night.
I am tempted though for this one, given that it may be season defining for KC, and depressing if the Patriots have rediscovered their mojo!!


I’m expecting an ugly slugfest from the Wembley game today. The pitch will be sloppy and I think the Raiders are well set up for an attritional game. That said, the seahawks are the better team and I’d be surprised if they don’t win.

The Chiefs-Pats game later should be great - absolutely no chance I’ll stay up for it, sadly! 2 other great games on the schedule for today: Steelers-Bengals and Falcons-Bucs. That last one should be very high-scoring!


Hunker down and “gurd yer loins!!” for a long evening!!


Plenty of Raiders and Seahawks fans in town this weekend, great to see


2nd Half. Patriots 27-16 up.
The writing is probably on the wall.
The Stroganov and the Crozes were good.
I’ll catch the denouement in the morning!!


And did I get to bed, nope!!
Finally went at 04.25 a.m.
Maybe the best game I can remember, and an absolute privilege to watch.:grinning:


Another good weekend in prospect:

Titans at the Chargers
Vikings at the Jets
Cowboys at the Redskins
Bengals at the Chiefs

And no matter what I said last week, I will watch the Chiefs on Monday afternoon!!

And the F1GP in Austin at the same time.:disappointed_relieved:


Getting busy at Wembley already! Not actually going to the game but a couple of mates coming down to watch from the midlands so meeting up for lunch. Unlikely to find a good wine list here though!


Great to see that your friends were treated to a good, competitive game this weekend! I’ll be there on Sunday for Eagles @ Jags and hoping for more of the same. Both teams should be fired up after disappointing losses yesterday. Should be a great game!


The poor Browns fans. I really feel for them. What a game and what a finish that was.

This really is a great sport.


Really enjoyed watching the Chiefs v Bengals game this morning.:grinning:


4 games today. The Eagles, Panthers, Rams & the Vikings.
And the prospect of the best bits of the Broncos @ the Chiefs on Sky Mix.
And the F1GP dénouement in Mexico.
And Dr Who and The Little Drummer Girl.
Thank the Lord for “Catch Up!!”
And my PVR’s.
Food cooked and organised, wine standing to attention.
My cup runneth over!!


Great game at Wembley today. Although it was officially a home game for the Jags it was very much an Eagles crowd. Great atmosphere, and a game that was in he balance until the last 2 minutes. Mainly because those defences are just so solid!

Bortles didn’t have a bad game today, but Wentz was clearly superior. A deserved win for the E-A-G-L-E-S - EAGLES!


Normal service resumed by my Dolphins. Now lost 4 of the last 5 and back on course for another season of “meh”.


This week:

Steelers (4-2-1) at the Ravens (4-4)
Rams (8-0) at the Saints (6-1)
Packers (3-3-1) at the Patriots (6-2)

And Sky Mix showing Redzone from 6.00 pm for the best of the rest.
The Browns at the Chiefs might be a points scoring extravaganza!!

The Rams may well show us quite how good they are, I do have difficulty (sorry to the PC brigade) when Todd Gurley is over for another TD. I cannot help the mental chortle!!::confused: :wink: