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The NFL thread


First time in a while we’ve got to week 9 and the Bears remain in contention, let alone sitting pretty at the top of the NFC North, so it’s definitely Bears Bills in the early window for me.
3 fairly decent looking contests in the 9/9:30pm window so might be Redzone for that.

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t watched much college action at all this season. Anyone been keeping abreast of the action? Any standout draft prospects?


I’m very much in the same situation as yourself.
I have around 30 games yet to watch!!:open_mouth:
Whether I get there or not, is anybody’s guess!!


Rams v Saints was an absolute belter of a game.

The battle between the Saints and Panthers for the division title could go down to the final game of the regular season where the Panthers go to New Orleans (and I’ll be there :grinning::grinning::grinning: - feeling quite smug at this point that I may have chosen a great game to go to, just hope that it pans out that way)


Could not agree more.
The Patriots game this afternoon, I want Aaron to prevail but do not hold out too much hope.
San fairy ann!! :wink:


Matches on Sky

New Orleans @ Cincinnati
Seattle @ Rams
Dallas @ Philadelphia

Monday night

Giants @ SF49er’s


Matches on Sky

Sunday evening

Titans @ Colts
Eagles @ Saints
Viking @ Bears
and the Redzone on SkySpMix

Tuesday Morning

Chiefs @ Rams (Mouth-watering!!)


A big hooray for Titans @ Colts! This is the first time I’ll be able to watch a full Colts game this season. Should be a cracker as well as the Titans are playing well and our offence is clicking nicely at the mo. A huge game as both teams are in the running for the division and the AFC wild card.

Can’t help thinking the Eagles will get crushed. The Saints look like the best team in the league right now.


A good evening of American Football in prospect.
And I may even stay up on Monday night!:open_mouth:
Tonight some Borders Lamb which can be very good and a bottle of Grivot Bourgogne 2014.


Wow, what a game between the Chiefs v Rams, glad i recorded it so i can watch it later.

Saints continue to look great and their defence is now looking much more secure than earlier in the season.

Difficult to see the superbowl featuring anyone other than 2 of those 3 plus the Patriots.

If I were a betting man I’d still have my money on the Pats or the Saints to end up winning it. When it comes down to the post season I’d fancy the experience of Brees and Brady over the youth of Goff and Mahomes.

Shaping up to be a great season.


Watched the 1st half last night.
And this morning, finished it off.
Games like this, you could not make it up.
Lots to look forward to this season, but with the recent intake of top quality QB’s, we have a wonderful decade in front of us!!:grinning:


Agreed, and would love for Baker Mayfield to lead the Browns to glory, or at least the play offs. Those fans deserve something to cheer about.


The Thanksgiving game tonight:

Bears @ Lions
Redskins @ Cowboys
Falcons @ Saints

Some good games which will cause a busy Friday morning trying to catch up with the Saints game, England’s progress in Columbo not withstanding the 1st Practice session in Abu Dhabi!! :wink:


Orf we go again.

Ce soir
Giants @ Philly
Steelers @ Bronco’s
Packers @ Vikings

Monday night
Titans @ Texans

Good games all round.

Not sure about liquid refreshment, maybe a bottle of Plan de Dieu, Jaboulet 2015 £12.95.
A speculative buy as not seen a tasting note anywhere but given the vintage should be half decent.
Take that back. It was offered by TWS at £100i.b. / 12 bottles which equates to £12.50 approx.
Maybe the Society clearing out a bit of stock.
Good tasting notes from Marcel, Cellartracker et al
I may have unknowingly stumbled into a good bottle here.
Now I want to try it!!:yum::wink:


Not sure if will watch Sky games tonight.

Tempted by Seahawks @ Panthers & Dolphins @ Colts, or may end up on Redzone.

Don’t think this Weekend Drinking Thread [23rd - 25th Nov 2018]
is going to see me through (Mrs W seems to like it as well!) so will have to go dig something else out…


22-22 in Phillie
27-27 in Carolina

Nearing 2 minute drills…

Redzone time!


Could have sworn you had tried and not loved that in the past?


I might have intended to open a bottle but not actually got there.
6 bottle case only delivered a couple of weeks ago and tonight my plans (:open_mouth::wink:) are in tatters.
Only watched 30 mins of NFL, no wine yet. Or food!?!
I’ve been doing all sorts of computer stuff but a half of Bolly NV beckons!:wink:


Dolphins do what they do best, yet again.


Browns @ Texans The Browns might consider calling this one off!
Vikings @ Patriots Would be nice to see the Belichick smirk removed, sadly unlikely!
Chargers @Steelers A close one, but probably Big Ben at home with those pesky towels.

Redskins @ Eagles The Eagles at home and the Redskins on a 2 game losing streak. The Bell!!


Have you seen the Browns over the last couple of weeks since they fired Hue Jackson? They can play! Mayfield looks really good. I still think he Texans should win but that could be a pretty close game. Sunday’s games all look good, Monday night less so!