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The Rhône Rangers


Also have some in the basket, really keen to give this one a go


No worries. As Leah said you usually hear unofficially through hear anyway. So I will not jump the gun so quickly next time :slightly_smiling_face:


In a similar vein, but at a different price point, Joe Czerwinski of the Wine Advocate has scored Clos de Cazaux’s La Tour Sarrasine Gigondas 89-91 in 2017 compared to 94 in 2016. (Details on Clos De Cazaux’s FB page).A few swallows (couldn’t resist the pun) don’t make a summer (or vintage) but the few ratings out so far suggest 2017 may not be up to quite the same level as 2016 in the South. Will be interesting indeed to see how prices change. Right now I am thinking of switching some of my hoarded 2017 Rhône EP budget to 2016 - VT and more Coudoulet being top of my list… 2016 might look a bargain come the 2017 EP campaign…


I am still picking up the odd 2015 and 2016. One merchant has discounted all their remaining 2016 Ferraton, presumably to clear stock before 2017 arrives. I think 2017 Rhone EP may hit the same headwinds encountered by Bordeaux


What was the verdict @szaki1974?


Not opened, just delivered.


Due to another extension of austerity by Mrs0, no not Osborne, Mrsonly a wino, I have put on hold yet again my order for a mixed case of Rhone goodies.

So I have been spotting in Lidl and Aldi…happily they have both introduced some Southern Rhone wines recently and I bought one CdR , a Cairanne, a Lirac and a Costieres de Nimes. The CdR was a gold medal winner in a female winemaker comp, the Cairanne was 89 rated in Decanter…my individual reviews will appear when all four have been tasted !


I just bought a few bottles of Lidl Fitou:

Have you tried it yet…?


No, I was aware that Lidl was stocking it, but I haven’t seen it in Preston branch yet…


Yesterday, I happened to notice the:

Jaboulet Plan de Dieu de Pere en Fille 2015 reduced from £14.50 to £12.95

I could not find a review for this vintage, but others have scored 90-91
Cellartracker said good but too young.

My conundrum was on investigation, the Society only had 12 bottles left in stock.
I snaffled 6, so just 6 remaining.
My reasoning was that if the wine was 91 in 2012 and 90 in 2013, quite what might the wine achieve in 2015 with a year or two’s bottle age?!
One just never knows!!


Thanks. Was just about to place an order so added a couple. Will hold them for a bit by the sounds of it


3 bottles left


Cote Rotie in the drinking window without breaking the bank anyone? I have not tried, but well rated by JLL… might have to pop a bottle in the next order to see. Anyone familiar with this producer?


Jeb tasted the 09 Germine Duclaux in 2012 and gave it 93, with a good write up and said it needed 3 or 4 years bottle age. So it should have turned the corner in 15/16.:wink:
Vinous did not taste the 09 but gave every successive vintage 90 or 91 excepting 92 in 2015.

I bought a case of the 09 Montlys earlier this year with Cote Rotie’s from Perrin Alexandrins, Ampodium and Clusel-Roch from the 16 EP.:grinning:


Picked this up a few weeks ago. It will either be this or Montlys from same year on the Christmas table.


My Montlys, a couple of bottles in my Christmas Reserves order.
That and some 2005 Exhibition Hermitage, which believe it or not was listed only 2 years ago.
Not having consumed any top Rhone’s this year, I will push the boat out this Festive Season.


I had an extremely weird sensation last night at the fine wine tasting in York.


Overwhelming taste of Worcester sauce! I’m trying to determine whether it was as a result of tasting the ‘grenache/malbec’ mystery wine beforehand (yet to be revealed) or it is a common Saint Martin characteristic. Any ideas welcome!


No idea, but I’ll take any excuse to splash it over some baked beans :+1:


It’s cheese or nowt! :yum:


This is a very easy flavour to identify.
I have never heard of it happening before.
Maybe a one off.
Personally, sometimes I can think of a flavour or taste and to my surprise have that odour or scent pop into my brain but never as a taste sensation, only as an olfactory perception.
I am sure that I am not alone.
I find Riesling and Malbec quite unpleasant, that’s just me.
Maybe there is something (a naturally occurring molecule) in this wine that sets “you” off in this direction?
Best to wait and see if it happens again!