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The Rhône Rangers


I found this wine in previous vintages and it and immediately made it our house red, everyone who has tried it has commented at how good is tastes and a complete bargain - bottle looks quite impressive on the table as well!


I actually loved the 2015, so getting some of the 2016 in is a no brainer… especially at the price.


When you wonder if a wine “really” is ready for drinking or is just on the cusp of it’s drinking window, then why not consult a terrific restaurant in the region where that wine originates from? In my opinion, if they don’t know, then nobody does! And for purely academic interest, then if you divide the restaurant price by 3, you get a rough but realistic approximation of what the retail price of the wine might be.
If it is listed, then it’s good to go.
I use this device for wines that I have purchased from Rhône, Bordeaux and Burgundy and it works like a charm. I find it fascinating what prices are charged in the great restaurants of the world, the great hotels in cities around the globe or as below, from a restaurant in Gigondas that has very close ties with Château Beaucastel, no less!?! Enjoy.



Just spotted, the 2010 Exhibition Hermitage Rouge by Chave.
This must have been put on the site in the last few days.
In my experience, they sell out “toute suite!!??!!”
Also spotted was a Courbis Cornas Champelrose 2010 which is very highly rated and nicely into it’s drinking window.
My work is done, this fine Saturday afternoon.


I have some of the 2010 cuvée du plessy in reserves which I bought EP. Also thinking of withdrawing some for Christmas.
Will be interesting to compare notes…


Good spot, I’ll taste this Tuesday and see if stocks last…


For Maison Guigal, 2017 may well be a year to remember.
Well, they do of course produce Incredible Cote Rotie at shamelessly, immodest prices.
CdR Rouge in annual quantities of over 2 million bottles, sometimes over 10 bottlings and fantastic value for money.
And until this year a CH9dP that is always great value, the Advocate scored the 2015 91-94 and they make between 200,000 and 500,000 bottles blended from wine bought in from 45 to 50 sources.
But 2017 is a red letter year because at long last, Guigal have purchased their very own Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyard called Domaine de Nalys. Well, they have waited very many years before taking the plunge, this vineyard in high production years can do near 200,000 bottles of red and 40,000 of white.
This estate, which is situated on the best plots in CH9 is also one of the biggest.
I think that once Guigal have got their feet under the table, there might be changes in philosophy, for example quality over quantity. Under the recent ownership, Groupma Insurance, private labels were used and for example Costco took the wine. This is something that Guigal have not done and that type of practice might hurt their high quality brand name.
It will be intriguing to see, when the next better than good Southern Rhône vintage comes to pass, quite how big the strides have been made at an historic estate that can trace it’s origins back to the 1700’s. Signs to look out for are a new chais, replanting in the vineyard and more quality attention to the vines themselves! We might even have a modern day rival to Beaucastel, now wouldn’t that be a sight to see and great for us consumers!??


This just landed… also explains the sudden appearance of the Society’s 2010 Hermitage.

Update… and pretty exciting, too, contemplating these:
Saint-Joseph Lieu Dit Saint-Joseph, Guigal 2010
Saint-Joseph Mairlant, Domaine Villard 2010
Vinsobres Altitude 420, Domaine Jaume 2010


Thanks for that.
You are right, all those are meant to be good, the 420 at that price gets 4.5*, “WoW” and a “very long.” Seems to be a no brainer.
The St Joseph blanc, great reviews Advocate 93 and J L-L 4.5* Bought it Saturday.
I will be filling my boots in the morning.
God rot Marcels cotton socks!! LoL!!
This year I may well have written a blank cheque to the Society, but the treats in store…!
The good thing is that the Rhônes go well with turkey and assorted game.
The bad, I’ve tutored my GF into not only liking good Rhône but also appreciating it.
That’ll teach me!!


Published yesterday - an early report on the 2017 vintage from Decanter:


I have had a couple of 2011 CdPs in the last week.

The first was Clos Saint Jean and was absolutely delicious - full of black fruits, soft tannins and very well rounded.

This is what prompted me to pick up the second bottle yesterday, Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Télégramme. This was similar style but was declining and less opulent. Not sure whether it was due to the quality of the two wines or whether the Télégramme had had less than perfect cellaring.


It appears that Matt Walls has replaced J L-L as the Decanter Rhone correspondent.
I don’t know Matt Walls, he does appear to be up to date with current technology but does not have the knowledge and tasting experience of John Livingstone - Learmonth. His DrinkRhône website, which can be somewhat eccentric and idiosyncratic, is a veritable treasure trove of information and knowledge. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I think that I completed my Rhone purchases from the new offer this morning.
I have vowed that the ONLY way that Marcel and TWS will regain entry to my wallet for any more Christmas 2017 Rhone is if he lists the 1990 Chave Hermitage Rouge at £20 / bottle?!?
Now there’s a gauntlet well and truly thrown down! LoL


Right, I seem to recall £500 per bottle last Christmas.


The “perfect” Christmas prezzie!! LoL

Maybe TWS could have a Christmas prize draw involving all the members who have posted on this board, in appreciation of all our efforts. Just an idea?


Based on reviews (Jancis Robinson and Drink Rhone), this seems to be down to the wine unfortunately, rather than cellaring.


Telegramme is the 2nd wine of Vieux Telegraphe, since 2002.
Made in a lighter and more modern style than the Grande Vin, without the inclusion of Le Crau fruit.
It also got an 88 from TWA with a drinking window of 2013-19, which is extremely short for a Ch9.
The fact that TWA gave the vintage 58/100 where less than 59 in their words “appalling,” a descriptor one very, very, very rarely gets to see employed.
In my more brutal world, “bargepole” might be my shot at it.
A lesson for us all, my sympathies.


As noted earlier, I have taken delivery of the following bottles today:

Having had a sip of the Hermitage now, I can say it is bang on bucks and a case is a no-brainer to be drunk over the next 10 years. It is smooth with exciting peppery spice. Oh my word it is just opening up into something even more beautiful.

I shall report back on the Cote-Rotie in a week or so…


Cor, you don’t hang about!
Any decent bottle of mine that has been in transit, gets at least a week to settle down.
I’ve got the 05, 07 & 10 in reserve with a few bottles of each at home.
Not broached a single bottle yet.
I did get a few bottles of the Chapoutier Le Clos for which I have very high hopes.
I am surprised and delighted that the Hermitage has performed well.
I did get some Ferraton le Miaux 2015, but that’s going to take a while to come round.
So these Exhibition releases are hopefully going to plug the gap.
And one never knows what has done well in 2016, the Rhone offer in January should be a cracker.
You Sir, are a proper Rhône Ranger!!


Rightly so… I honestly just wanted to confirm to myself that it is good to get a case for cellaring. Plus I have been starved of exceptional wine lately… Otherwise I would normally follow suit.

In 2015, I went in for a case of Ferraton, too though only Saint-Joseph Lieu-Dit Saint-Joseph and the basic Gigondas from Chateau de Saint Cosme, I think I will dig deeper in the 2016 campaign.

Also just wanted to thank you (@Taffy-on-Tour) for recommending the Drink Rhone website, I like it very much… and if you give up 3 months of Jancis, you still within budget.


I do DrinkRhone, TWA and JebDunnuck.
That does me fine!
They do me well for Rhone in particular, and across the board as well.
Any more, I think would be greedy and impolite!! LoL :wink: