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I also just had a quick look at my cellartracker and I only have 311 bottles of Rhone full stop. Am I still allowed in this thread I wonder?! :thinking:


My argument is simple.
Wine is my passion and hobby.
I only drink around a max of 3/4 bottles a week, most weeks much less.
My annual liver function test is fine, my GP confesses that his test is not as good as mine.
And if I don’t like a wine or it is not finished, then down the sink it goes!! :open_mouth:

You are very welcome!:smiley:


Just the 24 2016 EP bottles for me and they are my first ever EP purchases (actually all from the leftovers list). The first of many I’m sure - we all have to start somewhere and this thread has provided some great guidance :slight_smile:


Do let me know if you plan to pour any Chave '15 Hermitage down the sink and I’ll sit by your drain with a wineglass. :stuck_out_tongue::+1:


I have 84 bottles across the two years but the benefit of relative youth. Many of them have the potential to improve over two decades so I am relaxed about getting to them. Delights like the Escaravailles Cairanne from '15 and the Charvin CdR from '16 will help bide the time.

'17 purchases will be very focussed. I have bagged some Piedlong already although irritated by the Brunier decision to ramp up all their prices by 12pc. I am waiting for the JLL reviews of Gigondas and Cornas to land before making any further decisions. I am tempted also to make a punt on something early drinking and off the map of the critics to provide some ballast to future mixed cases - perhaps the Stehelin Sablet if it is listed again.


This was quite an interesting article https://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2018/12/britains-waning-thirst-for-rhone-wines

(I only have 4 Rhone reds and 1 white at the moment :scream: - but planning to buy some Cote Rotie soon)


1 Gilles Barge Cote-Rotie, Le Combard 2013

1 Cave de Tain Crozes Hermitage Les Pedrigolles 2016

half bottle Domaine Raspail-Ay Gigondas 2015

That’s all folks :innocent:


Ok fair enough, I thought I was missing something more obvious!


Just opened a bottle of the Exhibition Hermitage 2010. The Cork is labeled JL Chave Selection Farconnet.


Then maybe our Exhibition is the same as the Farconnet, just £5/bottle more expensive.
Doesn’t seem fair, does it!!


Yes, very interesting article @Bluebeard, thanks

It seems we are the prospectors after Hidden Gems! :wink:

I think its true that there is little understanding of the wines of the region amongst UK consumers. The different identities of North and South are confusing and how many average consumers could tell you, for example, where Cairanne is, what its wines taste like and what grapes thy’re made from.

It’s true that French producers in general don’t work hard enough to prpmote their wines - complacency or what? So, to go back to an earlier post, the wines of Cairanne will never be fully appreciated until vignerons there awake from their slumbers snd tell the world about them. :sleeping:


They may just have used surplus Farconnet corks - not altogether unheard of as a phenomenon elsewhere.


Maybe a note on the WS Exhibition Hermitage web page, that even subtlety differentiates our wine from Farconnet. A nod and a wink, squire - nudge, nudge!! lol!
Maybe our bottling is bolstered by a barrel or two from another source.
If we remember, we were told that for the Cayron 2010 the TWS got the best barrel for our bottles.
So, we know that “arrangements” are possible and we MAY be the fortunate recipients.
And I also appreciate that if for example this is the case for our Exhibition bottling, a confidentiality agreement cannot be breached.

We are expected to pay in excess of £5+ per bottle for the WS Exhibition Hermitage. The different label does not cost that and I would be truly devastated to learn (if I must) that we were being overcharged for Farconnet 2014 available at Justerinis.com at £310 ib.
There again, the Society was allocated a relatively large proportion of the Chave Hermitage Rouge 2015. Up to 2500 cases produced. We must be a good customer and this is a long standing relationship, we seem to get preferential treatment and this is thanks to Marcel.

As an aside, my mind goes back to the 1980’s where one prominent N. Rhone producer was “accused” of continually sending a inferior bottling of his top wine to the US, as he was apparently not enamoured with them. I will not recount as to where his best wine was said to have landed. There was for a time strained relations, but this is what potentially can happen with different bottlings. For example, Guigal make 2+ Million bottles of their terrific CdR, they can have in excess of 10 bottlings, and with the best will in the world there must and will be differences. More recently the 2015 Faurie bottling of “Les Bessards,” the first a terrific 5 Stars, the 2nd and the one Hermitage fans would have crawled over broken glass to get a bottle of was awarded SIX STARS in the stellar vintage of the last 30 years.

Bottlings can be a conundrum and best to trust your supplier!!:wink::smile:


Most interesting. One can read between the lines and that’s good enough for me. :wink:


C9dP Blanc 2017 from Chateau Mont Redon is available from TWS, rated a decent **** (*) by JLL. Enticing write up by JLL, too…


There was an interesting article in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph about White Rhone:

I’m not that familiar with the whites and the Mont Redon might be a good opprtunity to sample.

Does anyone have any other tips about good ones to try?


I’m not that good on the Whites, but I’ve enjoyed Mule Blanche for a few years. Domaines Villard and Pichon keep turning up in the mixed cases I’ve had from the EP offers and both very enjoyable whatever the wine.


White Vacqueryas is good; TWS does a couple from Clos de Cazaux - this one is my Christmas lunch wine…


I’m yet to try a white Rhone from TWS (this will definitely be addressed in the new year, especially as have just seen £40 credited to my TWS account, courtesy of my brother in law!)… have tried these before, and thoroughly enjoyed both:


I seem to always enjoy Marsanne/Roussane/Grenach Blanc blends, not just from the Rhone. Very food-friendly wine!


Found this in my rack, might be good over Christmas