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I’ve had favourable experiences of Ferraton too, especially their Crozes Les Picheres '15 (lovely), St Joseph lieu dit St Joseph '12 (mellow) and a number of Cornas wines with genuine local character. I think they tend to fall under the radar and are good VFM. The whites are good too…WS currently have a '14 white St Joseph Les Oliviers (excellent centrally situated vineyard above Mauves).


Talking of White Rhone, has anybody ever come across Les clefs d’Or Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc. Just before I had to retire thru ill health, I tasted an example sent to me in the post. Being honest I can’t remember too much about it, except it had a finish that went on and on…


The story of Chapoutier’s involvement in Ferraton is interesting, if unfortunate, by the way ( sorry to bang on). The two families had long been friends. One of the Ferraton sons was very badly injured in a motor accident and needed constant care. M. Ferraton Snr. was not in the best of health and the Chapoutiers, for humanitarian rather than commercial reasons, injected expertise, finance and support. Ferraton already had good vineyard holdings, which they have added to and they also have a good negociant business.
They seem to be prospering. They have well sited premises by the Rhone quais in Tain and their own (very good) cellarmaster. They appear to operate autonomously and with their own style and are by no means just a sous marque of Chapoutier.


Got to say I’ve enjoyed every Ferraton I’ve had. The St Josephs are very good imho.


I might have to try a bottle or two in my next order, if there are still any left by then.

Hats off to them :clap:


Clairette/Bourboulenc doesn’t provide acidity. Typically it tends to have a low acidity level and tends to be used more for its higher alcohol content and flavour profile.

I’ve come across the red only which is currently being stocked in Costco.


I was quite surprised by this statement as the varietal Bourboulenc wines I had did not lack acidity at all. True that Clairette is described as low acid high alcohol. It appears the two terms are not interchangeable and Bourboulenc is a variety of (relative of or a grape often confused with) Clairette, one with high acidity. I might be wrong though.


Having recently opened a bottle of the ‘16 Coudoulet I can testify it is a truly tremendous wine. Better than many a CDP. You can drink it (after a decent decant) but another 2-3 years will see it blossom.

My experience is similar to @szaki1974 - Coudoulet really hits it’s stride at about 5-6 years after the vintage.

If you are after a Perrin bargain the Coop are selling the Cardinale CD-R 2016 for just £8… Will keep you going until the Coudoulet is ready.


Certainly that is true of Clairette…


I think the other grape Bourboulenc Leah is somewhat different,


No you are correct , Bourboulenc tends to be quite acidic and Clairette does not , are they related genetically? I had assumed the OP was referring to them as the same grape variety .


Similar experience re Ferraton - good Cornas for the money, also authentic Crozes


Well the Fondreche has gone, a great example of how having tasted wines that are over extracted and alcoholic you settle on buying the one you percieve at the time isn’t, wrong !

This is a dark purple almost black in colour wine, on the nose a lot of forest floor berries and spices, but in the mouth the alcohol comes through 14.5% and to much acidity burying the fruit.
I visited four of the top ? domaines in the Ventoux, one was very disappointing and the other three were all guilty of over extraction over alcoholic wines, though I did not have the chance to taste the top Fondreche wine Persia, yet all these get rave reviews from all the critics ?

Yet aside from that there were some very good wines to taste and on sale my bargain 5 euros TerreVentoux was as good as any, vouched for by Richard on this blog as well, and the WS has the Cinq Puits which is very good, the Terrasses from Ch Pesquie I put in the same class as this Fondreche, perhaps the top chateau are being over promoted, naturally it could be that they simply, those indicated, don’t appeal to me personnaly.


433 posts! This thread has now equalled the ludicrously long Eurovision thread! Quite rightly, given that it’s actually related to wine…


Your’re right about Clairette, I meant to say Picpoul and Bourboulenc, apologies.


Rather happy to have 12 Coudoulet 16, along with another 6 of the Beaucastel CNDP. Will be interesting to taste them alongside either other in a (good) few years time I suspect.


I have the Charvin CdR 16 which was equally well regarded with a 4.5* from JLL and is getting some stonking CT write ups. Will be interesting to see what it’s like as WS don’t carry it. Will be about £14.50 on the table.


Bit surprised you say the Champlerose 10 is “in its drinking window” . For me the 06 (presumably a “lesser” vintage?) isn’t really ready yet.


It is terrific to see how many members took advantage of the Society’s 2016 Rhone EP offer.
I went for:

2 X 6 Coudoulet
2 X 6 Piedlong
2 X 6 Vieux Telegraphe
1 X 6 Tradition Giraud
1 X 6 Michelle Etienne Gonnet

I did however feel that 2016 was the equivalent of fishing in a barrel.
If a CH9dP passed Marcel’s nod, given that he got to taste far, far more than could practicably be listed, and that there were very many fine wines available; we as members were given the wine equivalent of “Sophie’s Choice!!” You could not buy them all, and the choice was a virtually impossible one, given that one might also want some Hermitage, Cote Rotie, Cornas, Crozes, Gigondas et al, as well!!

The upside hopefully is, that other CH9dP’s from this stellar vintage will pop onto the list from time to time over the next few years, very much like the Thalabert and Roure 2015 did some months back. New members or those who missed out may well get a chance of some great wines.

I would bring members attention to the:

Mourre de Perdrix 2016 Jeb 94-96 £135/6 J L-L 4.5* Vinous 92-94
Vieux Telegraphe 2016 Jeb 96-98 £220/6 J L-L 4.5* Vinous 93-95
Are still available:

We are around a month away from the 2017 Rhone EP Offer, and the chance to buy what is remaining on this stock list will be gone. Perhaps, a slightly indulgent Christmas present?? lol!


I have just added some '16 Rhone EP. I went for half a dozen each of:
Ogier La Rosine Collines Rhodaniennes
Pallieres Les Racines Gigondas
Saint Cosme Cote-Rotie

A little lower budget than yours @Taffy-on-Tour :wink: but hopefully all good. I have had all but the Saint Cosme Cote Rotie in the past.


The Racines will be particularly good, I have had plenty of this one over the years.

Jeb gave the 16 96/100, Vinous 92-94 & J L-L 4.5* , at £92/6 it is legalised theft!!:open_mouth::wink::grinning:

I think that the Racines 14 was on the list, now gone in the Christmas scramble!!:open_mouth: