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Lay and wheeler is also a good shout for single bottles


Has anyone tried the exhibition Crozes Hermitage ?


Many people on here have tried the 2015 with great reviews. One or two were less sure but the overriding majority were positive

Would love to hear how the 2016 is but as it was a good vintage I’d buy with confidence


The bronze award might bolster my confidence even further!


Waitrose have the 2015 (some bottles are 2014) Guigal Cote Rotie down from £39.99 to £29.99.




This is a great source for mature Rhone:


Thank you for the link


Ocado are offering the same deal except you don’t have to buy 6 bottles. Sadly they don’t deliver to my area :confused:


You can buy the wine instore for £29.99, got myself a single bottle as I have overspent on wine recently.


If anyone has had a sip recently, would love to hear how it is like - specially whether the élevage is integrated or it needs more cellaring…


Different vintage but I tried the 2010 a year ago and it needed more time


Guigal’s Brune et Blonde 2015 isn’t likely to be at peak for another 5 years or so i’d imagine. 2010 is probably just ready about now but with a long life ahead of it.


Thanks guys.
Cellartracker + wine advocate seem to indicate this can be drunk right now…


Absolutely can be drunk and a great drop it would be i suspect! Just likely to be on the primary side this early.


double decant for lunch, just too much on the oak side for me, no fruit coming through, no syrah “pepper”…
I’d hold back from opening any for at least 2-3 years.
as it is, I won’t be buying despite the lower price, you can have my share!


Does anyone have an update on when the 2016 Rhône is going to be delivered to the wine society? I think the website said April 2019?


Hi Rich29 I asked the same question on the en primeur thread. My account swaps between Spring and April 2019. So I guess very soon.


Thanks for that - no rush I suppose as most of it won’t be drinking for about 5 years anyhow. :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried this wine from the 2015 vintage?

Crozes-Hermitage domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet Aîné



I have a bottle of it but I’ve not tried it yet, sorry! I’m planning on drinking it sometime in the next 6 months or so alongside a bottle of TWS Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage as a direct comparison.