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Thanks Mike, was trying to convince myself to buy 6 but they are £132 IB.


Me, the same. I have put it out of sight for 3-4 years.


That would be my plan, but think it’s a bit expensive. The EP from TWS was £98, if I am not being stupid and its the same wine.


Ah I’ve just realised that the one I’m planning on running the comparison with is the ‘Les Jalets’ which is rather cheaper than the Dom Thalabert.

However I’d have thought that £132 for 6 in bond is a bit expensive. Duty and VAT paid that’s around £29 per bottle and TWS currently do a half bottle of '13 duty and VAT paid for just £13.95. Just an observation. Maybe try one of those halves first?


Sounds like a good plan Mike.


A quick look at the TWS '15 EP offer and, you’re right, it was £98 for 6. The price you’re quoting there does look rather expensive, especially considering they will only have been paying storage for maybe a year which doesn’t seem enough to justify such a mark up.


A quick search suggests you can still get it for around the original TWS price:


Thanks Mike :+1: Boo minimum order £250.


Lay and Wheeler are offering the 2016 for about GBP135 DP and its also available by the bottle…


Rousset’s Picaudieres far superior and more typical for similar money IMNSHO.


Heads up. One bottle available. Well reviewed.


Out of stock :slight_smile:


Damn, the 2011 was fabulous!


I think it might have been me who grabbed that final bottle. I wanted to put a case into reserves but there was insufficient stock. I then tried to put 2 bottles in the basket, once again, without success.


If you are not fast you are last.


Just saw the Raspail-Ay Gigondas 2016 available for £24.95 at my local wine merchant, considering that the 2015 was £12.95 per half from TWS is not a bad price. Does anyone have a view of the 2016 vintage of this wine? I know 2016 is very good in Southern Rhone and especially so in Gigondas. I think the purchase of a few bottles beckons…


Ooo.this is a must buy for me, hopefully it will emerge at TWS at some point as i want to shove a case in reserves!


2015 was listed in October last year.


Well i have some time to save up :smile:


2016 should be fab, 4.5* from JLL. Bought Cayron and Bouissiere this vintage but R-A up there too.