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The Rhône Rangers


Oh grief, there goes my ‘no wine til Christmas’ resolution. Again :wink:


Reading code … may not be released until after Christmas?? Says it will be even better “next year”

Please let it be priced “reasonably” :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


True, or maybe in the Christmas FWL, which would be nice. And yes, reasonably priced would be even better…let’s wait and see…and keep eyes peeled as I can’t see it hanging round for long…


Some merchants have started offering the 2018s from Beaucastel, does anyone have some information on the 2018 vintage and/or the wines (especially Coudoulet). Any insight much appreciated.


I think there was some discussion about early views on the 2018 vintage with Marcel in his AMA session but will need to double check the thread later.


Grenache suffered a lot of mildew.

I think I read somewhere that the percentage Mourvedre in Beaucastel could be even higher than usual so could be right up your street @szaki1974?


Apparently Coudoulet quantities are 50% of normal, which makes sense based on your Grenache comments. One for the long run then… Your Mourvedre comment might have just tipped the scale in favour for me.


already seeing the inevitable phrases…saved by late summer weather etc…its not just journalists that are lazy copy editors…


2013 redux I think, north and south.


No connections etc but L&W are offering Coudoulet 2018 en primeur now at £12.50 ib.
Was wondering whether to grab a few myself, but have six of the 2017, and money dictates that I can’t just buy what I want. Never know what is going to be offered next and as I have some of this already…


I got the email yesterday too and had similiar thoughts . Like you though, I have 2017 so not sure I will go for it .


I have a few cases of Rhône EP outstanding and bought a few odd bottles from South Africa etc so when they come in I will have to pay duty and vat on them and that will probably mean I will have over spent again. It’s a monthly reoccurrence.

Must be nice not to have to worry about what you spend.


Isn’t that cheaper than previous vintages…?


I think so. Seems a good price, but when weighed up against the dozens of other purchases I would like to buy something has to give and the Coudoulet is it.

No out of stock, but actually the 2017 is still listed for £12.50.


FYI Cru have the coudoulet slightly cheaper if you buy a dozen. Plus Beaucastel CNDP at £270/6

Also worth noting Vieux Telegraph released at £210/6 with Cru suggesting a sensible repositioning.


Thanks for the heads up. Sadly for reasons already mentioned I can hardly afford to buy a couple of bottles, so a case is absolutely out of the question.
Others may be able to take advantage though.



Anyone missing @Taffy-on-Tour’s contributions to the discussion, here is his review of the 2010 TWS Exhibition Hermitage…


What happened to him? He seemed pretty prominent in many of the historical threads I’ve perused


I think he started stealing cars in Newcastle, that’s the last time I saw him.


Too soon!