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The Rhône Rangers


Made me laugh though :sweat_smile:


Hello. I’ve been lucky enough this week to pull 3 bottles of Cote Rotie Duplessy Domaine Gilles Barge 2010 from my reserves, originally bought en primeur.

Has anyone tried this recently and have any views on how its faring or what to pair it with? Thanks



But… and apologies for getting all philosophical… if money was no object… would we still gain pleasure from our collective monthly deliberations - the Musar or the Barbaresco, the Chilean pinot or an Uraguan field blend…
Would our cellars also be so full that we would lose the thrill of opening a ‘slightly’ nicer bottle than usual on the weekend, and be racked will guilt about the wine we will never be able to drink (and thus unavailable to others.

And probably be at (greater) risk of a broken liver…


Some good points James. I think what I was trying to say back then was not that it would be good to be in a position to just buy whatever you want whenever you want without limit. Instead, not to have to sit there struggling to justify buying every purchase when weighed up against what you can realistically afford.


I’m gonna break with convention and bring something to everyone’s attention even though I haven’t already bought any for myself:

68 dozen for sale, same price as the 2014, which recently went out of stock.

I’d love to buy a few but I just can’t afford it right now.


You superstar :wink::wink::wink::wink:!


Nice one, thanks @Herbster, 3 bottles winging their way to deepest darkest North Leics :-). Cheers


I need to stop gazing at it. I suppose our children could just have no presents this year. I’m sure they’d understand if I explained it to them.




So much for my ‘last order in 2019’ hopes. Thanks for sharing @Herbster!


In the words of Dick Emery.

“Oh you are awful, but I like you”


Daughter born in 2009…I’m classing this as her Xmas present :rofl:


It’s not a good time of year for such an appearance, is it?


Oh for the strength to resist! I didn’t. Thank-you.


I would love it if this came in cases of 6 to send to reserves…


But there’s presumably also the 2006 to hit the list at some point in the new year,as revealed by @Leah upthread.


Indeed, fingers crossed for TWS credit for Christmas… :slight_smile:


Is there a view on when this Hermitage will be at its best? I know the notes say it is ready to go but I might be tempted to hide one or two away for five years? Ten?


Oh bugger… There goes the other kidney…

I think I might just squeeze 3 into the Liebherr… Would love 6 to Reserves, but 12 is an overdraft extension too far just at the moment!


If there are some left come January/February, I suppose I could buy a few and reduce my 2018 Rhône en primeur budget forget about 2018 Rhône en primeur.