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The Rhône Rangers


Not a great but a good vintage. TWA gave it 90/100 with a very enthusiastic write up. Drink date from . 2013 to 2019. DrinkRhone said 3.5* and drink from mid 2014 to 2023. As ever Marcel delivered!!
You’ve got some good CH9 which is pleasing.


For me the ‘13 CdR from guigal still isn’t ready. I got a few bottles at a great price but I’ve been a bit disappointed so far. Previous vintages have knocked me for 6. This needs a bit more time. (For me)


@Taffy-on-Tour - Which Hermitage was this? I completely understand if you wish it to remain a secret, by the way… I was just wondering.


Ferraton, Le Meal.
But I did get Le Miaux and Colombier, so not all was lost!? LoL
One must retain ones perspective.:cry: Ha, ha.
And believe it or not, but I didn’t buy a single bottle of CH9 from 2015; preferring to concentrate on N. Rhône and Gigondas etc. And who knows with 2016?
Jeb Dunnuck has reported with his Southern Rhone report, J L-L is continually adding to his website with Southern Rhône’s. He will be scampering back to Northern Rhone at some point to take a look at them. Jeb’s N R report out at years end as will be TWA. But their new Rhône correspondent, Joe Czerwinksi who did 18 years at the Wine Enthusiast will have his first report published tomorrow on Southern Rhone, no less. Many will look to compare Jeb and Joe for their styles and (sadly) scores. Be aware that a TWA 100 point award can triple or more the price of a wine. I think that most of us mere mortals would have trouble tasting between a 95 & 100; but there are “collectors” out there who only want 100 pointers in their cellars, and believe it or not, some are said to be teetotallers!?!
How sad is that!?


I was sadly cautious on the 2015 Rhone offer (having gone in deep on Burgundy), but also chose a Ferraton wine to represent the Northern Rhone (St. Joseph lieu dit Paradis)… I can see why you would have gone for their La Meal, have I read DrinkRhone back then I might have done the same. In the South I also opted for Gigondas (St. Cosme, tradition), as it looked the Gigondas are doing better than CndP for the money. Also went for the Jaume Altitude 420 Vinsobres, mainly because it was offered in halves for next to no money…

In an ideal world the Burgundy and Rhone en primeur offers would not coincide…


Tasted the Guigal CdR 2012 red on the weekend, and for me it still is not there yet.
It is good, but when it finally gets there will be so much better.
But there again if you like the Guigal CdR in it’s youth, it is no bad thing that we are all different in what we like and when we want them.
So maybe Christmas for my next try.
I think that I will wait for the 2014 and 15/16.
We are so very fortunate to have this pipeline of moderately inexpensive delights to look forward to.


I did not see the DrinkRhone report at the time.
I was sadly otherwise engaged, in more serious matters.
But it was a missed opportunity and I have had many of them, but on occasion got it near enough. So swings and roundabouts, it is impossible to get it right every time.
Anyone who tells you that they do, has a passing acquaintance with reality.
Retaining ones perspective, like the Bordelais say “Vintage of the Decade or even Century,” every 3 or four years. With Rhone we have had (according to The Wine Advocate) three 95/100 or better rated vintages in North and South Rhône over the past 12 years. For our own Wine Society, we have had three 10/10 vintages in Northern Rhône and two 10/10 vintages in Southern Rhône in the same time frame.
So never any need to panic, we have “Global Warming” on our side,(sort of :+1:) miss one great vintage and another, just like the busses will be along shortly.
And the one question I ask myself from time to time is…quite when will I have the time and occasions to drink all these spectacular bottles that I have assembled?? Trying IS going to be fun, I do not wish to incur the wrath of my doctor but it would appear that his consumption rate, exceeds mine! LoL I do a maximum of 2 - 3 bottles a week, which is not excessive and I don’t finish them all.
So might I suggest a bit of planning.
Every year:

Fevre Chablis
Grivot Bourgogne
Latour Martillac
Roc de Cambes (maybe!)
Chave Mon Coeur
Guigal CdR
Beaucastel Coudoulet
Rostaing Les Lezardes

With that basic stock in your cellar, you will always have something half decent to drink.
Buy the occasional better case when funds or good vintages allow.
Excessive? What’s the price of an Arsenal or Chelsea season ticket these days?
How much to follow them on a trip to Barcelona, Basel or Bordeaux?


@szaki1974 I tasted the Côte-Rôtie Champin Le Seigneur Dom Gerin 2005 from the enomatics at TWS showroom today.

Beautiful wine. Nose of red fruits and violets, with a little spice and even a bit of beef/blood coming through. Lovely elegant palate in total balance. Medium+ finish. Has the structure to last a few more years I would guess.

Be interested to hear how you find it…


Not wishing to be controversial BUT,
I do tend to look at the WS website for other members views or even tasting notes.
So before I order or even open a bottle I’ll see what has been written.
And so often I’m confronted with maybe two gushing tasting notes from professionals who did NOT pay for their bottle and no members comment.
One does not need to be a Betjeman or a Lord Byron to be able to say “really liked this red, went well with the roast and will order more” or conversely “too acidic or too tannic for my taste!!” These members comments I place great store in and would really encourage even a few words, no matter the direction.
I have said and will say again, until I see a number of adverse comments from the professional tasters then I will discount everything that they say. It cannot be possible that they have not had the odd faulty bottle over the years or Shock Horror - a wine that they just didn’t like!?!


That is very encouraging to hear… I will try my bottle this weekend and then maybe squirrel away half a case if it has a few years in it… and still available


Any excuse…! LoL👍


@Taffy-on-Tour you can rest assured that I am by no means a professional taster, and I would happily spend £35 to enjoy that wine with my rare beef! :grinning:


And I am very envious that you got to taste it.
I have always been one to delay vinous gratification, so maybe Roast Rib of Beef on the bone with some Latour Martillac 2010, for the Sunday before Christmas.
That, in my world will be something to look forward to.:sparkles:


It seems the wines from the 2010 Rhone offer are fast disappearing. 3 already gone… not my chosen 3 though :slight_smile:


Truly beautiful, this wine is in a sweet spot. Another bottle at least methinks…

This is an epiphany… probably my favourite of those tried this year.


OK, I’m in.
One bottle.
I did check this out,
TWA 88 pts with a RP not so effusive write up.
J L - L at DrinkRhone 4.5* and far more positive.
So on my list which is now closed.
So where’s that £20 bottle of Chave’s 1990 Hermitage? LoL


@Taffy-on-Tour I have actually been thinking about this bottle whether I got carried away when commenting yesterday… it definitely is a drink now and for those who like them smooth and tertiary, though I agree @woodap that there is lingering fruit. It definitely has hit the spot with me in a different way than the 2010 Exhibition Hermitage. My taste memory of the Hermitage is actually much sharper even though I had it earlier, still rather youthful with very nice tension. The Cote-Rotie was a beautifully easy drink, not the slightest sharp edge. All in all I am very happy I tried those and I might enjoy another bottle of the Cote-Rotie this year and have definitely laid down a case of the Hermitage.


The deed is done.
Will keep an eye out for any late Rhone Christmas additions, for example as a substitute for any of the 2010 Offer wines being sold out.
One never knows what may emerge from the woodwork!!:wink:

Going to have a pop at this Potel wine over the weekend.
No wine during the week so this one will be my treat.


Bought these for a friend to convert him to Rhône wines…


The Grignan is very good as well you should know, which vintage of the Jaume is it?
I noticed that the 2010 is £0.45 cheaper than the 2013; which is astonishing!
Do you have a Scottish granny?!? LoL :wink:
You are a friend, indeed.nn